15 Sweet Going Away Gifts That Show How Much You’ll Miss Them

15 Sweet Going Away Gifts That Show How Much You’ll Miss Them


So you’ve got a loved one who’s leaving. Whether that’s onto a new job, another city, or whatever new chapter of their life, I’m sure you wanna give them a gift that says, I love you and I ain’t ever gonna forget you, b*tch. So sweet! But I know shopping for a sentimental present isn’t always easy. Sometimes, they can skew a little cheesy (and, thus, awk). And other times, they can be impractical and just end up sitting somewhere in the corner of your giftee’s home, collecting dust (sad!). But if you’re here for some solid going away gift ideas, then you’ve come to the right place.

Below, you’ll find some super sweet farewell gifts that are perfect for the pal, coworker, significant other, or general loved one you’re saying goodbye to. From cozy thingz that they can take with them to warm up their new home to even a set of synced long-distance lamps that light up when the other one is lit—they’re all waiting for you right here.

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this meaningful necklace

Farewell Gift for Coworker



If your work bestie is moving on to another job (how dare!), make sure they know how much your time working together has meant to you. Giving them this cute necklace, complete with a sweet message, is the perfect way to do it.


these seriously luxe PJs

Feather-trimmed twill pajama set



If you wanna go all out, spoil your loved one with a set of seriously luxurious jammies. It’ll help to inspire lots of self-care nights in their new space, or (at the very least) make them the best-dressed slumbering person around.


these long-distance lamps

Long-Distance Touch Lamps (Set of 2)

Through the power of Wi-Fi, these cute little lamps can sync with one another, meaning you can simply touch one and the other lights up, too. It’s a great way of saying, “Hey, I’m thinking of you, and also, don’t you just love technology??? This is so cool!!!”


these drinking glasses

Urban Map Glass

Uncommon Goods


Or what about a pretty glass with their new (or old) city etched on the side?


this useful mug and warmer set

OHOM Ui Mug & Warmer Set



For the coworker and their new desk, here’s a coffee mug that’ll always stay warm.


this pretty duffel bag

Metro Duffel

If you know they’re about to do a lot of traveling, help make their trips easier with this spacious duffel bag. (Not to mention, it’s also absolutely stunning??)


this rose that never rots

Le Mini Round from the Continent Collection

Venus et Fleur


Everyone’s favorite forever rose brand is here with its new Continent Collection, and it’s perfect for a special someone who’s about to go abroad. 


this sentimental art piece

Custom Miniature Hand Cut Map



For a gift that just might make ’em cry, here’s a custom hand-cut map that you could get of virtually any address. (Their last apartment, their university, their fave pizza shop??? The possibilities are endless.)


this f’real promise

Custom Travel Voucher



Give ’em this cute travel voucher so they know you really mean it when you say, “See ya soon!”


this stunning carry-on

The Frame Carry-On Max: Aluminum Edition

Arlo Skye


Make sure you send them off right. A gorgeous new suitcase would do.


this cool mini hand sanitizer

Mint Power Mist Hand Sanitizer



Wherever they’re headed, they could use some hand sanitizer. And this little travel-sized one is fancy enough to give as a gift.


this comforting candle

North Carolina Candle



I know leaving home isn’t always easy. But lighting a candle that reminds you of your home state helps!


this croc-embossed work tote

The Mini Work Tote



A new work tote for their new office. May they never find a work wife as cool as you (heh). 


this snuggly half-zip

Pullover Half-Zip

Good American


Correct me if I’m wrong but a super cozy sweatshirt feels almost as good as a warm hug from a dear friend. They’ll love having this at their next destination, 100 percent.


these cool sunnies

Jordy Sunglasses in Tortoise and Yellow



A new pair of sunglasses for all the new sights they’ll be seeing.

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