All the 411 on This Years Black Friday and Cyber Monday Fashion Deals

All the 411 on This Years Black Friday and Cyber Monday Fashion Deals

All shoppers, gather ’round because we’re here to talk about allll things Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2022—aka two of your favorite days of the year. Yes, I know, we’re still some weeks away from the two sales events… But time flies! And we’d rather be prepped and ready than scrambling the day of, trying to figure out what stores are having what deals. You don’t wanna miss out on any of the good stuff!

You can trust in Cosmo to keep you up to date on every juicy Black Friday/Cyber Monday fashion deal that’s happening this year. Because this is the time to make that designer bag purchase, buy those luxe jeans you’ve been eyeing, or get that gorgeous coat that’s never been discounted before. I can assure you that those things (and then some) will more than likely have a price drop this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It can’t get any better, my friends.

If you need a lil refresher on when exactly these days are happening and what kind of markdowns brands are going to have, no prob! It’s been a minute. Below, you’ll find your answers!

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When are Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

JSYK: Black Fridayis always the day after Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday is always four days after the holiday. So you can mark your calendar for November 25 and November 28. And some expert intel you didn’t ask for but must know: Usually, a bunch of stores combine the two sales so that you can have the whole weekend to splurge. Plus! Sometimes, they even start their paloozas a few days before so that you have the time to really get a bang for your buck. The more ya know!

What will be on sale this year?

As of right now, it’s a little early to know what’s going to be on sale this year. So definitely bookmark this page so that you can stay posted on all the best BFCM 2022 sales when they come up. Also, lucky you, there are a ton of fab early Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals worth shopping right now. Have a look below!

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