All the Deets on Joey Graziadei’s Season 28 of ‘The Bachelor’

All the Deets on Joey Graziadei’s Season 28 of ‘The Bachelor’

Good morning, Bachelor Nation! 🌹 Monday night was the finale of Charity Lawson’s The Bachelorette season 20, and host Jesse Palmer gave us some info about the upcoming new season of The Bachelor that I am *so* excited about. We finally know who the new Bachelor is going to be, and let’s just say the internet is pretty stoked. Get comfy, because we’re discussing everything we know so far about season 28 of The Bachelor.

First of all, Joey Graziadei is the new Bachelor!

Jesse announced during Charity’s finale of The Bachelorette that 28-year-old Joey Graziadei will be the next Bachelor. Joey made it to the final 2 on Charity’s Bachelorette season, but she ultimately fell in love with Dotun.

Joey is extremely excited about being the new franchise lead

“It’s sinking in very slowly, but I’m trying my best to just stay present, enjoy it, but this is crazy,” Joey said on the show. “I mean, I’ll be the first person to say this is wild. I never expected this at all, didn’t know this is what my life is turning at this moment. So yeah, crazy stuff, but I’m excited.”

While Charity sending him home was a heartbreak, Joey is looking ahead. “I’m more ready than I was in that moment,” Joey said. “For me, it was just, you have to take some time to get a little bit more closure. Watching Dotun and Charity’s connection was enough for me.”

He also spilled what he’s looking for in a partner: “Someone that’s just themselves that I can truthfully be a partner with. I want someone that challenges me. I want someone that I can challenge. I just want someone to do life with. I just want someone that’s going to be my person.”

Joey’s first suitor of the season has also been revealed

During The Bachelorette finale, Jesse introduced Joey to his first suitor of the season: a contestant named Leia, who was sitting in the audience.

“I think we have a lot in common, so I’m kind of excited to explore that,” she said to him.

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And Charity wishes Joey all the best as the new Bachelor

Although things didn’t work out between Joey and Charity, she is still supporting him from the sidelines alongside her new fiancé Dotun Olubeko as Joey starts his journey as the Bachelor.

“We truly wish him nothing but the best. We saw how much of a lover boy Joey is and how much he wants his person. I do believe that he is going to have no problem finding that. He is an incredible person. We’re both rooting for him and rooting for his success,” she said.

The Bachelor season 28 will come out in 2024

ABC has not yet announced the specific release date, but the show follows a regular cadence each year and always premieres in January. Given filming is about to begin, we can expect Joey’s season to copy this pattern and debut in January 2024.

You can watch The Bachelor on ABC or Hulu

The Bachelor is available to watch on live TV on ABC or via streaming the next day on Hulu.


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