Calling All Swifties: You Can Virtually Tour Taylor Swift’s Cornelia Street Apartment in NYC

Calling All Swifties: You Can Virtually Tour Taylor Swift’s Cornelia Street Apartment in NYC

Listen up, Swifties! If you’ve been to New York and haven’t strolled past Taylor Swift‘s former Cornelia Street apartment (yes, the one that inspired that very track), now is the perfect time to enter your own Lover era. Tay temporarily lived in the West Village townhouse while her place was being renovated in 2016, and it’s on the market again. 👀

Jennifer Rahilly, a real estate agent at Corcoran, showed Entertainment Tonight Taylor’s former four-story townhouse, which has four bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a heated indoor pool, a two-car garage, a kitchen the size of a shoebox apartment, a wine fridge (!!), and three fireplaces. According to the apartment’s official listing, the iconic Swiftie landmark will be available to rent for $50,000 a month with furniture (casual!).

Taylor Swift’s former apartment at 23 Cornelia Street in New York City.

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While Taylor no longer resides in the apartment, it’s still a hot spot for fans to take TikTok videos, post Instagram Stories, and of course, pay tribute to the singer. Swifties even traveled from other states to leave flowers there after Taylor’s breakup with Joe Alwyn earlier this year.

“It’s fun walking by. I see like people outside taking selfies in front of the Cornelia Street and outside. It’s really charming,” Jennifer told ET, adding that Taylor’s 2019 Lover track “just immortalizes the property.”

Corcoran is giving tours IRL to potential renters, but if you don’t have Taylor Swift-levels of cash, Entertainment Tonight has a full virtual tour here. What better way to roam the halls of Cornelia Street until one lucky tenant is willing to pay someone’s entire salary in rent?

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