Doja Cat’s Latest Beef Is With Her Own Dress: “Feeding It to the Moths”

Doja Cat’s Latest Beef Is With Her Own Dress: “Feeding It to the Moths”

Doja Cat’s spilling her own secrets following a Victoria’s Secret party. (She hated her dress.) After attending the “The Victoria’s Secret World Tour” celebration during New York Fashion Week on Sept. 6, the rapper told her followers what she really thought about the thong-baring slip dress she wore on the red carpet. “It’s crazy when you got a dress on and your whole vagina is out the whole night and the straps on the dress pull ur t*ts all the way down to your knees and all you asked for was a slip dress,” she wrote the following day in a series of since-deleted Instagram Stories, per Insider.

While Doja’s original request seemed reasonable enough, the black dress she ended up wearing appeared to be relatively unoffensive, featuring a plunging cowl neckline and low back to reveal her back tattoo and matching thong. But as Doja explained in subsequent posts, her chief complaint had more to do with an overall sense of discomfort than the actual style. She specifically cited the nonadjustable straps and construction of the accompanying undergarments as some of the most glaring issues. “I’m in my complaining era, my f*ckin Karen era,” she said. “A b*tch coulda got a uti.”

Doja paired her Victoria’s Secret dress with accessories more in line with her edgy aesthetic. Styled by Brett Alan Nelson, she wore Y2K-era crystallized sunglasses, pointed-toe heels from Christian Dior, and a diamond Messika necklace. She stood out even further with icy blue contact lenses, sparkling ear cuffs, and silver tooth jewelry.

Despite starting a personal feud with her own dress, Doja said she was still able to make “lemons out of lemonade” and enjoy a “beautiful night” out in New York City. That said, she did end up leaving one more (especially) graphic description, perhaps as a cautionary tale for the future. “When I tell u the panty was built into the dress so when I put it on, the shoulder straps pulled the string up through my cervix and split me like a block of cheddar cheese.” Chilling.

On the bright side, Doja happily reported that she plans to feed her gown to the moths as retribution. How’s that for a statement piece?

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