Exclusive: Megan and Luke Talk About Their Relationship With Isabella in ‘Cruel Summer’ Sneak Peek

Exclusive: Megan and Luke Talk About Their Relationship With Isabella in ‘Cruel Summer’ Sneak Peek

It might be a Cruel Summer, but things are getting very cold this winter when it comes to the Megan/Luke/Isabella love triangle that we all can’t stop thinking about.

Cosmopolitan has an exclusive first look at the seventh episode of Cruel Summer season 2— which you can check out above—and we’re finally seeing the aftermath of that polar plunge episode that sparked something between Isabella and Luke again and iced things out between him and Megan.

Back in December 30, 1999, after Megan ditched the Chatham tradition, Luke and Isabella faced the freezing cold water together. But nothing heats things up than sharing a towel and body heat to try to feel your body again. And with Luke completely questioning his relationship with Megan, well, the firepit wasn’t the only thing that was sparking. Luke ends up kissing Isabella and now it looks like he’s doing some kind of damage control.

Watch ‘Cruel Summer’ on Hulu

Watch ‘Cruel Summer’ on Hulu

We don’t really know what sparked this conversation just yet, but it seems like Luke is still trying to mess up this friendship even further—. After lying to Megan and telling her that Isabella kissed him—even though it was the other way around—now he’s sharing some very interesting feelings about his BFF/former GF/possible future killer

“And you know how Isabella is. She’s kind of jealous, possessive,” Luke tells Megan. “She doesn’t really like it when we do stuff without her.”

Even though Megan disagrees, we all know that this friendship is kind of on the rocks especially as we look towards Summer 2000. And since we still don’t know who killed Luke just yet, this is making things more suspicious towards Isabella especially considering how messy their entire relationship is. Did she try to go for some revenge? Or does something else happen?

With only 4 more episodes left, this is just another giant clue that we’re putting up on our mystery board.

Cruel Summer airs on Monday nights on Freeform at 9 P.M. ET/PT.

Watch ‘Cruel Summer’ on Hulu

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