Here Are the Best Movies of 2022 (Or, the Movies We *Anticipate* Will Be the Best of 2022)

Here Are the Best Movies of 2022 (Or, the Movies We *Anticipate* Will Be the Best of 2022)


Despite 2021 being kind of a shite year overall, it was actually a fairly good year for movies. So many 2020 releases were delayed due to COVID-19, which made 2021 a shockingly robust year for le cinéma. And because of the glorious gift that is vaccines, people actually got to watch them in theaters. What a world! We got blockbusters like Shang-Chi and haunting indies like Spencer, campy dramedies like House of Gucci and stunning musicals like In The Heights. We were spoiled, TBH! And that looks like it’s going to continue into this year. There are so many 2022 movies to get excited about.

But obviously we’re only halfway through 2022, and therefore these tiles are not actually out yet. The below serves as our most highly anticipated 2022 movies list based on the cast, directors, and general hype. (For example, did you honestly think we could write this story without putting the Florence Pugh/Harry Styles movie on here? The movie that spawned a Harry Styles/Olivia Wilde romance and set the internet on fire?? It doesn’t even matter how “good” it is, it will be great. You get what I’m saying.)

Until these release dates happen, take this list as a suggestion. A heads up, if you will. We’ll refine it and add more movies as the year goes on, but here are the 2022 movies we’re keeping eye on. If they’re as good as we hope they will be, they’ll be really, really great. Some might even call them… the best.

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‘The Worst Person in The World’

Starting this list off with something relatable as hell, The Worst Person in The World follows a young woman who can’t figure out what the heck to do about (1) her love life or (2) her career.

Release date: February 4

Robert Pattinson as Batman, with an accent that is so deep, so gravelly, so absurd… it’s giving: I will need subtitles. But seriously, Zoë Kravitz in a catsuit.

Release date: March 4

‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’

Michelle Yeoh stars in this multiverse movie which forces her to question the choices she’s made and whether she would have been better off choosing a different path for herself. Warning: this movie will make you cry.

Release date: March 30

If you don’t get the chills when you hear the first few notes of the Top Gun song, IDK what to tell you! But this movie has been in the works for legit years and stars every single attractive man.

Release date: May 27

A queer riff on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice that takes place on, you guessed it, Fire Island? Don’t mind if we do. Joel Kim Booster, Bowen Yang, and Matt Rogers star in this delightful comedy, which is going straight to Hulu for your viewing pleasure.

Release date: June 4

If you, like me, have been obsessed with Austin Butler since he starred in that Sex and the City prequel series on The CW, you will be thrilled to know he’s playing Elvis in an upcoming biopic. The director is Baz Luhrmann, who did the Leonardo DiCaprio Great Gatsby.

Release date: June 24

From the creator of Get Out and Us comes Nope, a.k.a. another movie that is incredibly hard to Google. We don’t know much about it other than it stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Steven Yeun. YUP.

Release date: July 22

A Brad Pitt assassin movie!! Which also stars every other person in Hollywood you enjoy! Oh, and Bad Bunny is in it.

Release date: August 5

Yeah, it’s THE Florence Pugh/Harry Styles movie. What else is there to say? The two play a married couple living in an experimental utopian community, and things start to go… awry.

Release date: September 23

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’

The past few years have been ROUGH, and the only thing keeping us going is the fact that we’re getting another Black Panther.

Release date: November 11

Carey Mulligan stars as Megan Twohey, one of the New York Times journalists who published the bombshell story that brought all the Harvey Weinstein allegations to light. It should be very intense, but very good.

Release date: November 18

The plot for this movie is very under wraps, but here are some of the big selling points:

  • It’s from the director of La La Land;
  • It stars Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, and a bunch of other people you know and love;
  • It’s a period film set in the golden age of Hollywood.

Release date: December 25

Practice your bend and snap, people, because Elle Woods is BACK. Not only is Reese Witherspoon coming back to reprise her role, but Mindy Kaling wrote the script. Sign me TF up.

Release date: TBD

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