How Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Helped Lena Dunham Complete Her New Movie

How Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Helped Lena Dunham Complete Her New Movie

At the end of Lena Dunham’s new movie, Sharp Stick, both Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Joe Alwyn received a “Thank You” credit. In an interview with IMDb ,the Girls star explained why the couple were so important to completing her new project.

“They are just really great friends of mine who watched a really early cut of the film and gave me notes,” Dunham explained. “They’re both just really interesting, perceptive people. Taylor’s been one of my close friends for a really long time and Joe is an actor who I actually ended up working with on a project that I shot just a few months after this.”

The film was written and directed by Dunham, and stars Kristine Froseth, Jon Bernthal and Luka Sabbat. It’s the story of a naive 26-year-old woman named Sarah Jo, living with her mother and sister close to Hollywood. She eventually starts an affair with her older employer, and learns a lot really fast. Dunham said that the personal aspect of Sarah Jo’s story for her is her “arrested development.”

“It started from a personal place which is this character Sarah Jo has sort of had this arrested development and so when she meets this person, Josh, who is played by Jon, they start on a relationship that is really beautiful but also really painful and kind of cracks open her sense of herself as a sexual being,” said Dunham.

Though she’s promoting a new project, the world is in love with reboots at the moment. Dunham was recently asked by The Hollywood Reporter about possibly bringing back her HBO hit Girls, which ran for six seasons.

“I look back, and just, like, the sheer gall of me, stepping on to set that first day; 24-year-old me standing in Silver Cup Studios, the old Sex and the City studios, going, ‘Let’s do this.’ I’m proud of myself,” said Dunham. “We all recognize it’s not time yet. I want it to be at a moment when the characters’ lives have really changed.”

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