No Shade, but You Definitely Need One of These Adorable Straw Hats

No Shade, but You Definitely Need One of These Adorable Straw Hats


Let’s be real: There’s nothing quite as chic as a straw hat. When it comes to sun coverage while on a tropical vacation or hanging out by the pool, these accessories just look so dang good—IRL and on social media. No matter your personal aesthetic or style, straw boaters, bucket hats, and wide-brim beauts can elevate any ‘fit, making it (and you!) feel ridiculously luxe. You could be chillin’ by an inflatable pool in your backyard, but with a straw hat on, it might as well be a resort in the Bahamas. That’s just the power of these gorgeous, summery caps!

Not to mention, straw hats can help provide extra shade on the sunniest of days—a win for your eyes and skin. Some actually offer extra protection in the form of UPF, so you can feel even safer while wearing ’em out and about. Whether you’re a fan of the classic floppy hat or prefer a trendier pick (like a cowboy hat, yeehaw), you should definitely be topping off your ensembles with a sun hat this season.

Our top picks for the best straw hats:

Do yourself a favor and take a gander at all the best straw hats on the internet right now, below. Not gonna lie: I definitely want all 18 of ’em.

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A Classic Bucket Hat

The Inca Bucket

Keep it trendy and classic with a straw bucket hat this season. This pick is from Australian brand Lack of Color and comes in four (!) gorgeous hues—just in case you prefer a darker color to wear with your warm-weather ‘fits.

Glowing Review: I love this hat for summer and resort wear. It fits perfectly over my locs and is very stylish. I get compliments constantly. Highly recommend.

A Cool Western Hat

Chrysta Hat

  • Adjustable inner drawstring

Yeehaw, bb! This hat gives you that cool Western look without going too over-the-top. It also has unique details like metallic threading and an adjustable inner drawstring so you can get the perfect fit.

Glowing Review: Okay so why did no one tell me this had gold intertwined in it?! It was the best surprise! Looks amazing and great quality. I’m OBSESSED!

A White Straw Hat

Barbara Hat

For those who aren’t into the classic brown straw hues, this white hat is sure to float your boat. It’s sleek and sophisticated, and sure to become your go-to pick.

Glowing Review: The Barbara looks so good, durable and absolutely beautiful. The craftsmanship is pure perfection. It’s the kind of hat that makes you look elegant and sexy without even trying.

A Bold Straw Hat

Poly Bucket

You can also just skip the neutrals all together and try this green hat on for size. It comes in XS-L, so peep the size chart to make sure you choose the right hat for your head. Then sit back, relax, and let the compliments pour in.

A Flexible Straw Hat

Marco Hat

L*Space X Lindsay Albanese

The flexible band inside this gorge hat can help you find the ultimate comfort while wearing. Not to mention, the black trim is just so adorable.

Glowing Review: I’m a vacation hat wearer and have been looking for a new straw hat for my next trip and was so happy when I found this one! I LOVE the fit (the flexible band is a major plus) and the cute black trim.

A Straw Sunhat

Poppy Sunhat

If it’s extra sun protection you’re after, snag this chic sunhat. It features UPF 40+, so you’ll have an added layer to keep away UV rays while on vacation or hanging out by the pool with your BFFs.

A Chic Boater

Palma Wide Boater

Let’s give it up for this epic boater hat. The wide brim is so effortlessly cool—and you can be sure it’ll elevate all your summer looks.

Glowing Review: I have several straw woven hats. This by far is one of the best quality hats I own. The coverage is perfect and fit is comfortable. Never fails when I wear it that some one will stop me to ask who it’s by and where I purchased it.

A Lightweight Bucket Hat

Jax Bucket Hat

  • Sizing might be a little off

Because bucket hats are having a ~moment~, here’s another super kah-yoot option for you this season. It’s lightweight and breathable, so you can avoid overheating in high temps.

Glowing Review: I live in Miami, so hats are needed! This is a breathable, lightweight, functional hat for a day at the beach or the perfect touch to accessorize an outfit!

A Straw Baseball Cap

Riley Cap

  • Works well with ponytails

Who says you can’t have a straw baseball cap? This fun option is a unique take on the classic straw hat, and works great if you’re constantly rocking a ponytail—thanks to the opening in the back.

A Moody Straw Hat

Simone Hat

Top of your all-black ‘fits with a black straw hat. It’ll give your ensemble a summery vibe without changing up your aesthetic.

Glowing Review: This is my 4th Janessa Leone hat and I love them all—but this is for sure my fave. The color is gorgeous, and I love the shape of the crown. I have it in a large, but I did find it got a little bigger the more I wore it (even with the sizing inserts) so I ordered another in a medium and it’s perfect.

A Trendy Cowboy Hat

Perforated Cowboy Hat

Lean all the way into the cowboy hat trend with this perforated pick. The design is extra-breathable and so statement-making. Just add a pair of cowboy boots, and you’re reading to hang out on Broadway in Nashville.

A Braided Beaut

Braided Straw Hat

Headed on a trip soon? Snag this braided hat that’s super easy to pack along in your suitcase. Just make sure to avoid getting it wet, or it might lose its shape.

Glowing Review: Bought this hat for a recent vacation to Florida. Love that it comes in multiple sizes, I bought the M/L (apparently I have a big head). Fit perfectly, not too tight like some of the one size fits all. Easy to pack.

A Neutral Wide-Brim

Wayne Hat in Natural

  • Some say brim is too wide

If you have a smaller head and finding the perfect straw hat is always difficult, allow me to introduce you to this cutie. It features a gorgeous wide brim and reviewers say it actually works great for small heads.

Glowing Review: Super cute! I have a little head and was thrilled to find a hat that fits!

A Midnight Blue Bb

Tali in Midnight Blue

This blue beaut is a floppier bucket hat—and it’s kind of epic. Usually bucket hats don’t offer too much sun shade, but the wider brim on this one will keep your face a little bit more covered than other styles. Bonus: It has a velcro adjuster on the inside to get the right fit for any head size.

A Fun Rancher Hat

Jo Straw Rancher Hat in Natural

  • Made to be gender neutral

Wanna share your straw hat with your boo? This rancher hat is meant to be worn by anyone, no matter their gender identity or personal aesthetic (like all good clothes should!). So you can rock it one day, and your S.O. can wear it the next.

Glowing Review: I bought this hat for myself for Easter and it looks great on my husband as well! Well made and great fit.

A Satin-Adorned Hat

Lillian Hat

Classic straw hat, but make it elevated. This option features a satin band that really brings it up a notch. Wear it with your favorite sundress as you head to dinner by the water.

A Straw Visor

Squishee® Halo

  • Top of head not protected

Channel a ’90s mom and pop on a straw visor this season. The wide brim will keep your face and ears protected, and the top of your head can stay cool. It’s also equipped with UPF 50+, which is a big win.

Glowing Review: High quality and cute—and practical! I travel a lot and this is great to pack in a bag

A Floppy Straw Hat


  • Custom sizing can cost extra

This floppy hat is just begging to come on your next tropical adventure. It comes in this black hue and a natural straw style, too. The sizing on this hat is super detailed—and you can even submit your measurements if you don’t see your size listed!

QQ: Do straw hats actually protect you from the sun?

Yes and no. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a wide-brim hat can help keep parts of your body protected—like your eyes, face, neck, and ears. But it shouldn’t stop there! The WHO recommends also adding SPF 15+ every couple hours in order to keep your skin even more covered than just a hat will allow.

The good news is that a lot of straw hats also have built-in UPF (ultraviolet protection factor), so you have another layer fighting against UV rays while soaking up the sun. If you’re looking for the most shelter while at the beach or by the pool, make sure whatever hat you wear has that added UPF before adding it to your cart.

A handy guide to different styles of straw hats.

There are classic types to try on for size.

When searching for straw hats (on your own and scrolling through our gorgeous picks), you’ll likely see a lot of floppy and boater styles. The differences between them all aren’t too vast—but they’re definitely noticeable, and you might have a preference for one over the other.

Both floppy hats and boaters have (surprise, surprise) a wider brim. Boater hats, however, are more rigid and don’t have that same curl and movement a floppier hat might. Both are super cute and versatile, though!

And there are trendier straw hats, too.

As trends come and go, you’ll also see different styles pop in and out of the zeitgeist. And right now, cowboy and bucket hats are taking over in a big way. Cowboy hats have a distinct Western look with a curved brim—while bucket hats have a shorter brim you can wear rolled up or down. Both are very of-the-moment and work really well with casual ‘fits.

If this is turning you into a ~hat person~, peep our hat type breakdown for an even more in-depth look at all the different styles (and get ready to want every single kind).

Here’s how we chose all these cute selects.

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We have pretty high standards when it comes to clothing and accessory recommendations. Each of our shopping articles adheres to the 15 Percent Pledge and includes pieces for all sizes. And you better believe we read those product reviews (and test many of the brands IRL) so you don’t have to. You’re welcome!

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