Prince William Has “No Interest” in Talking to Prince Harry Before Coronation Day

Prince William Has “No Interest” in Talking to Prince Harry Before Coronation Day

Prince William and Prince Harry will be awkwardly lurking in the same giant hall on May 6th, when their father King Charles is officially crowned. But William has no intention of chatting to his younger brother, and they won’t be sitting anywhere near each other.

According to a source who dished to Entertainment Tonight, Wills simply has “no interest” in speaking to Harry.


“William is still upset about Harry’s book,” the insider said, referencing Spare. “He feels it was a betrayal and he has no interest in communicating with Harry before the coronation about their disagreements. The relationship is still fractured, and it is unclear when they will be able to mend fences.”

Meanwhile, former Royal Butler Paul Burrell claimed (via The Sun) that Harry will be sitting a full “ten rows back” from William at the coronation, and indicated that he won’t be staying to visit with family post-ceremony.

“It is not a surprise, he is coming to show face,” Burrell said. “He is coming to put his foot in the door and he is coming because his father wants him to be there. His father will be delighted that both his sons will be there to witness this incredible day in his life. But Harry is not going to hang around.”

“He doesn’t want to spend much time around them,” Burrell, who was Princess Diana’s butler, added. “There is no chance of a reconciliation anytime soon, I’m afraid—I think he will get a very icy reception from the Windsors.”

Apparently, the palace has been going to a lottttt of effort to ensure William and Harry aren’t seen giving each other side-eye, and it’s unlikely they’ll even be photographed together!

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