Selena Gomez Wore a Jaw-Dropping Miaou Corset—Shop Her Look!

Selena Gomez Wore a Jaw-Dropping Miaou Corset—Shop Her Look!

Prepare to have a long, hard talk with your credit card, because Selena Gomez wore yet another cute outfit that you might find yourself urgently needing to procure. Sel hopped on Instagram Stories for a quick fit-check, wearing Miaou’s bright blue Talia Corset—which comes with a built-in halter-top.

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The corset is still available in most sizes on Miaou’s website for just under $250 ($245 if you wanna get specific). But pretty sure it’s going to move fast considering Selena wore it, so run don’t walk.



Kay, in other Selena news since we’re all here anyway, you might have noticed that she dropped a picture of herself and producer Fred Again on Instagram Stories, leading everyone to inevitably spiral/wonder what’s going on between them. Welp, Entertainment Tonight says they “grabbed dinner alone this week” at Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood, but an eyewitness told the outlet that it “didn’t seem like a date.”

Apparently, these two got to the bar at 7:00 pm and sat across from each other— and ET reports that there “wasn’t really any physical contact.” They were only there for about an hour and a half, and Selena was reportedly super sweet to fans who approached her for photos.

TBD on what Sel and Fred’s hang was about, but it’s possible they could be working on new music? Let a girl who’s about to buy a new kinda pricey corset dream, okay?!

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