Simone Biles Sets Her Sights on 2024 Olympics: ‘That’s the Path’

Simone Biles Sets Her Sights on 2024 Olympics: ‘That’s the Path’

Simone Biles has the Olympics on the brain. On Thursday’s episode of the Today show, the 26-year-old gymnast told Hoda Kotb that competing in the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris is the path she “would love to go.”

“I think we have to be a little bit more cautious about how we do things, so everything that we’re doing leading up to this next games or whatever is very intentional,” Biles said of her mindset. “So we’ve kind of been playing it on the down-low this time, making sure mentally and physically are both intact. So I think it’ll be different, but it’ll be good.”

Biles’ Olympic run comes after she took a years-long break after she got “the twisties” at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Later that year, she told ET that she received an “overwhelming amount of love and support of outreach of fans, family.”

“I’m just very blessed to still be in this position and to have so many people reaching out, showing love and respect for me,” she said. “It shines a whole new light on the sport and ourselves as not just an athlete, but as a human.”

Getting back to it after that experience required “a lot of trust in my coach, my teammates, myself, most importantly,” Biles said on Today.

“Coming in that gym and making sure I’m doing those numbers, the repetitions, feeling confident in them… As long as I showed up for another day and kept putting that work in, then it kind of went down and dwindled, so right now I’m feeling really good,” she said. “I think I still sometimes doubt myself, but I’m still doing my therapy and making sure everything’s aligned.”

Last month, Biles earned her eighth U.S. Championship, something she was able to do thanks to her work since 2021.

“I think I have to take care of myself a little bit more and listen to my body and make sure I’m making time for the important things in my life, rather than before it was just go, go, go, and then making time after,” she said. “This time around it’s being intentional, going to therapy, making sure everything is aligned so that I can do the best in the gym, and be a good wife, good daughter, good friend, all of the good things.”

The wife title is a fairly new one, as she recently tied the knot with NFL star Jonathan Owens not once but twice — first in an intimate city hall ceremony and then in a lavish fairy-tale ceremony in Mexico.

“Unfortunately we’re actually long distance. We started long distance less than a week after we were married. Right after Cabo he went to Green Bay and he signed and then two days later he was up there,” she said. “So it’s been different, but at lest we’re both busy and focusing on our respective sports. It’s been nice and we cherish the moments we get together.”



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