Summer’s “Strawberry Girl” Makeup Is Hailey Bieber Approved

Summer’s “Strawberry Girl” Makeup Is Hailey Bieber Approved

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Hailey Bieber has officially entered her “strawberry girl” era, and we’re taking notes. Just last week, the model and founder of Rhode Skin was seen sporting the TikTok-viral “latte” makeup, but it looks like she’s ready to embrace a softer look. She recently shared an Instagram post with the caption “strawberry girl summer,” and the carousel of photos included quite a few shots of her wearing makeup that touted flushed pink cheeks, a minimal base, and glossy lips — the trifecta when it comes to strawberry-girl makeup. No idea what any of this means? Don’t worry, we’ll break it down for you.

Although it’s having a resurgence, the strawberry-girl aesthetic has been around since early last year. Unlike the “vanilla girl” aesthetic, which is focused on all things neutral, strawberry girls want some color in their lives. Think glowing pink makeup, outfits heavily focused on pastels and florals, and an overall look that screams “sweet.”

All this to say, Bieber has inspired us, and now we’re ready to get the look ourselves. If you’re in the same boat, keep scrolling. Ahead, we chat with makeup artist Saffron Hughes, who breaks down everything to know about the strawberry-girl makeup trend, including what it is and how you can achieve the look at home.

What Is Strawberry-Girl Makeup?

Strawberry-girl makeup is a new minimal makeup trend that features a natural base with fresh pink tones and a warm, radiant glow. “With its focus on simplicity and sophistication, this makeup style is the perfect choice for the summer season,” Hughes tells POPSUGAR. “The trend focuses on enhancing natural features with pink hues, giving the face a fresh and healthy appearance.”

The good news? This trend is flattering on everyone — but choosing the right tones is crucial. You’ll want to tailor the look to your unique complexion. First things first, Hughes says you’ll need to identify your skin undertone. “For those with fair skin and a tendency to burn quickly in the sun, a cooler skin tone is likely,” she says. “Check the veins on your wrists — if they appear blue or purple, you have a cooler undertone.”

If your veins appear green, Hughes says your undertone is likely warmer. “For individuals with deep skin tones, holding a white sheet of paper to your face can help identify any undertones.” Red or purple undertones indicate a cooler skin tone, while gold or yellow undertones signify a warmer skin tone. If you’re right in the middle, however, your undertone is likely neutral.

Once you’ve identified your undertone, you can pick shades that will complement you best. “Cool undertones should embrace blue-based pinks like bubblegum or raspberry pink, while warmer undertones should opt for coral hues or purple-based fuchsias.” Neutral undertones can wear either.

One other note: when done a certain way, pink eyeshadow can instead look like an eye infection — it all comes down to application. “Concentrate the color around the eye, and steer clear of the waterline and lower inner eye,” Hughes says.

How to Do Strawberry-Girl Makeup

Step 1: Prep and Moisturize

This look requires a dewy base, so start by prepping your skin with a hydrating cream or moisturizer. Next, apply a primer to make sure everything is as smooth as possible. “In warmer months, consider using a silicone-based primer instead of an oil-based one to get a matte finish, especially if your skin type allows for it,” Hughes says. We like the PYT Beauty Baby Got Base Face Primer ($20). Alternatively, if you do want to use an oil-based primer, Hughes suggests using a lightweight formula specifically designed to be nongreasy.

Step 2: Apply Your Base

“Hailey’s take on the strawberry-girl makeup look showcases a fresh and nearly makeup-free complexion, so I’d recommend going very light on the base makeup with just a CC or BB cream.” Our current favorite pick is the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Hydrating Skin Tint ($46).

When applying your base, Hughes says, it’s important to blend everything properly to get a skin-like finish. She suggests using a damp beauty sponge to ensure your base is even before moving onto the next steps.

Step 3: Get Glowing

Bronzer is next. Start by applying a warm-toned bronzer like the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Bronzing Cream ($60) to your temples using a fluffy brush. Then, blend the bronzer around your hairline and beneath your cheekbones for a subtle contour.

Next, you’ll want to contour your nose. “Apply three to four small dots of bronzer on either edge of your nose in a line downwards from the inner end of each eyebrow to the tip of your nose,” Hughes says. “Use a soft eyeshadow brush to blend these dots together in an upward and downward motion.”

Step 4: Add Pink Tones

This step is what makes the entire look. “The essential product to tie this makeup look to its name, in my opinion, is the shimmering pink blush,” Hughes says. “Apply it generously to the apples of your cheeks, and lightly dust it over the tip of your nose to create a radiant, strawberry-colored pink flush.”

Our current favorite blush picks for this look are the Dior Rouge Blush ($45), the Too Faced Cloud Crush Blurring Blush ($29), and the Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel ($14).

Once you’ve got your cheeks and nose set, it’s time to work on your eyes. “Using a fluffy eyeshadow brush, blend the same shimmering pink blush into the crease of your eyelids,” Hughes says. If you want to brighten things up, add a soft highlight powder like the ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter ($9) over your lids.

Step 5: Brows, Lashes, and Lips

To finish up the look, Hughes says you should further accentuate your eyes with a few swipes of mascara. A natural brow is best with this. Gently pushing up your brows with a light brow gel like the Benefit Gimme Brow Tinted Eyebrow Gel ($26) will help accentuate your features.

Last, you’ll want to define your lips. “To give your lips a plump appearance, use a natural pink-toned lip liner,” Hughes says. “Finish off the look with a pink-toned lip oil, providing your lips with a juicy and luscious finish, resembling ripe strawberries.”

Our product picks for strawberry-girl lips are the Fenty Skin Cherry Treat Lip Conditioning Oil ($24) and the Milani Color Statement Lip Liner in Pretty Pink ($6).

Strawberry-Girl Makeup Inspiration

If you’re ready to give the trend a spin, keep scrolling for some inspiration.

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