Tabitha Brown Reflects on 20-Year Marriage to Her “Best Friend,” Chance: “I Gotta Tell the Truth”

Tabitha Brown Reflects on 20-Year Marriage to Her “Best Friend,” Chance: “I Gotta Tell the Truth”

Tabitha Brown is showing some love for her husband of 20 years. In a Jan. 16 interview on “The Talk,” the vegan chef called her husband, Chance, her “best friend” and shared a little insight into how they manage to make their relationship work while in the public eye. The pair host a YouTube show called “Fridays with Tab and Chance,” and Tabitha said honesty is at the core of her approach.

“We decided, if we’re going to do this, we got to just tell the truth,” she said, per People. “A lot of people see the fairy tale of marriage and ‘they lived happily ever after’ . . . but we gotta tell people that is not all the truth. When you’ve been together as long as I have been with my husband, honey, you have been through just about everything under the sun. It is my responsibility, if I’m going to use my platform that reaches millions, I gotta tell the truth.”

Brown, who often shares recipes on TikTok and just launched a kitchenware collection with Target, has always made honesty a cornerstone of her approach to telling stories online. “I’ve had to break down a lot of walls and barriers to get to my freedom! To walk proudly and confident in my truth is still an everyday pursuit!!” she wrote in an Instagram caption in August 2022. “I’m not going to change!! I’m also not going to be quiet about when things feel wrong! I always come from my heart and I’m very direct and honest. In the entertainment world I know that’s frowned upon especially coming from a woman,” she continued. “Sometimes my niceness makes people think that I’m weak, but I’m not! I will keep speaking up for myself.”

In a June 2021 YouTube video, Brown opened up further about her bond with her husband, saying that thanks to all her success, she was finally able to help him retire from the LAPD, a longtime goal for the couple. “He has done his part,” she said in the video. “But I also know it’s time for him to dream again.”

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