The 16 Best Hairsprays For Bella Hadid-Inspired Ponytails

The 16 Best Hairsprays For Bella Hadid-Inspired Ponytails

What do hairsprays do?

“Hairsprays use polymers to bond the hair and help to hold the style in place,” says Grenia. “Depending on the spray there are also a number of other benefits that hairspray can provide. For example some hairsprays also help to add shine or volume.” Depending on the formulation, hairsprays should be the last step in your routine. “Most hairsprays are used to finish the hair after styling and it is dried,” says Garren. “It’s the last thing you would do to the hair to add hold and memory.”

What are the benefits of using a hair spray?

“If you have fine hair, sometimes it doesn’t hold a curl and can fall flat pretty easily,” says Grenia. “In addition to using heat protectants on the hair to prevent breakage, it’s also important to use a hairspray either before curling the hair to add hold or after curling the hair to lock in the style.”

Can all hair types use a hair spray?

“Yes, in general all hair types can use hair spray, but it’s important to know the state of your hair and the ingredients in the hair spray to know which hair spray is best for your hair,” says Prado. “For example, curly and color treated hair tends to be on the drier side so you want to stay away from drying ingredients like alcohol.”

What’s the best way to use a hairspray?

“Don’t hold the bottle close to the head, shake well and spray the product into the air first to see the spray pattern,” says Garren. “Then, mist over hair about a foot away from hair or more to not destroy the look you created or the style you’re trying to hold into place. People think you have to hold it really close, but that makes it crunch and dry and creates wet spots.” Depending on your preferred results, you can use hairsprays a lot of different ways. “A volumizing hair spray is formulated to help provide lift and volume at the root, so you will want to spray the roots of your hair while damp and before styling to help provide that,”
says Prado. “To lock styles into place, you’ll want to evenly coat the hair with the spray after you’re done styling. For pesky flyaways and frizz, I like to spray the product onto the palm of my hands and then softly run my hand on top of the areas I’m looking to tame down.”

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