The Coolest Twins on The Internet Just Launched A Holiday Beauty Collection

The Coolest Twins on The Internet Just Launched A Holiday Beauty Collection

The coolest twins on the Internet, beauty moguls and DJs Simi and Haze Khadra, are releasing their brand’s third collection, and it is holiday-ready. SimiHaze Beauty came to market in the summer of 2021, already making its mark, delivering consumers velvety soft lip balms and eyeshadow palettes that even beauty novices can use and liquid blushes for cheeks that are perfectly pinch-able. Now, with their third collection, they are upping the ante with shimmering lip glosses, a galaxy-inspired eyeshadow palette, and easy-to-apply eye crystals.

“The whole collection is inspired by nature and natural elements,” Simi and Haze told “We were thinking about the moon and the reflection of the moon.” While the glitzy elements of the collection are Holiday-ready, creating wearable looks without the help of a makeup artist was a core goal when creating the new collection. “I want [consumers] to feel like they can wear it with casual clothes to make it more dressed up, or they can have like a dressy look, and then not need a makeup artist and elevate it even more, and feel more glamorous.”


The must-have item in the collection is undoubtedly their Eye Play Gem Pack, which is Euphoria-like in the best way. “Immediately, it transforms your demeanor, and you become more confident and more energized in yourself and your look,” the twins said. Their goal with the crystals was to make them more accessible for the everyday person to put on, rather than requiring four different tools for application. “We just wanted to give it a more efficient application,” Simi and Haze said. “To us, the future of beauty is more efficiency, and it’s achieving a look that could have taken two hours in two minutes.”

For the twins, versatility is critical. Creating different looks with the same products is something they’ve had to learn when getting ready together. “Sometimes, if we look too similar, we’ll have to change our look because we don’t want to do the whole twin thing on purpose sometimes.” That’s why it was vital for them to create products that could be used in different ways. “The [eyeshadow] quads all can be versatile.”

This third collection is the next step in slowly creating a beauty line with something for everyone. “We’re just getting started,” they said. However, the more products they come out with, the more they create an authentic vision of themselves. “I feel like it’s revealing different parts of our personality.”

“We’re just building our world.”

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