‘The Family Chantel’ Series Finale: Chantel and Pedro Say Goodbye

‘The Family Chantel’ Series Finale: Chantel and Pedro Say Goodbye

It’s finally over between 90 Day Fiancé couple Chantel and Pedro after a long and emotional journey. The series finale of The Family Chantel, their spinoff, aired Monday on TLC, and a producer stepped in as Chantel broke down while Pedro insisted that his feelings for her were always genuine and that he never cheated on her or used her.

Pedro and Chantel’s 90 Day Fiancé journey started when they fell in love while he taught her Spanish and he moved from the Dominican Republic to America to be with her. However, their families never got along and The Family Chantel documented the crumbling of their marriage. Chantel accused Pedro of cheating on her with his co-workers, while Pedro said Chantel never supported him after he got a job in real estate. Their divorce was far from amicable, with both of them filing restraining orders against one another.

On Monday’s series finale, Chantel and her brother flew all the way to the Dominican Republic to have a confrontation with Pedro’s family after his sister and mother sent her a voodoo package. Pedro told cameras that while he had resentment towards Chantel and her family, it was a sad ending to their marriage.

“I’m really mad,” he said. “I know they tried to ruin my life, tried to, you know, do other things to me,” he said. “But at the same time, I think about the good moments we had together and it sucks. It sucks that all this had to end like this.”

Meanwhile, Chantel noted, “I feel like all of the lies and all the deceiving has all led up to this moment, and now we’re finally going to let it all out.”

During the meeting, Pedro accused Chantel and her family of trying to get him deported, which she denied. Chantel said Pedro scammed her and used her from the start and never had good intentions. When she accused him of cheating on her with two of his co-workers, he denied it. A this point, Chantel came out with all her accusations, also accusing him of being in love with his sister’s friend, Coraima, from the start. Pedro bluntly said that he was in love with Chantel.

“No, I was in love with you,” he told her. “I never did nothing for money, Chantel.”

He added to cameras, “I understand that she’s mad at me, but it’s not fair that she never believe anything I say. That hurts me. If she don’t want to believe me, like, that I really was in love with you from the beginning, that I married you for the right reasons, I never want to use you, what’s the matter if I say something right now, you’re never going to change your mind about anything.”

Pedro did acknowledge to Chantel that he was an awful husband. He acknowledged his faults but pointed out that she never helped him grow. Chantel said Pedro was lying to her face and refused to accept his apology.

“I’m not accepting any apology from him because he knows what he did,” she told cameras, insisting that he did in fact cheat on her. “It’s what I wanted so bad from him. But now that I actually have that apology, it’s empty words.”

As the two continued to argue, Pedro said it didn’t matter what he said because she already made up her mind about him. Chantel broke down in tears and simply said, “You know what you did, Pedro.” Chantel walked off in tears, telling the producer that she “didn’t want to be on camera this way.” She continued to yell at him, “You were having sex with another woman!”

As Chantel and her brother walked off, Pedro stood up and said, “Chantel, I wish the best for you.”

Pedro told cameras Chantel was never going to move on because she only believed that he was the bad person and never looked inside herself. He said that it was actually Chantel and her family that used him because he helped her get a masters degree. Meanwhile, Chantel said she finally had closure and that she was never going to see Pedro or his family again.

“Even though this meeting did rile me up, I’ve accomplished getting it all out, letting them know that I know what they did,” she said. “I feel like I’ll never have to deal with Pedro and his family again. And I feel free. I feel like a big weight is lifted off of my shoulders.”

“There is part of me that hopes that Pedro did love me at some point,” she continued. “But sitting here today, knowing the fact that he didn’t fight for our marriage and knowing the fact that he didn’t even want to go to counseling when I asked him to, it just shows that that love was long gone. When I saw that start to deteriorate and fall apart, it was so difficult that I put on blinders so that all I had to hold on to was this fantasy of what we were and what we were supposed to be. And I won’t do that again. I for sure will not do that again.”

The series ended on a sad note, with both Pedro and Chantel insisting that they were truly in love with one another at one point. The show ended with a montage of their their happier moments from 90 Day Fiancé, including their wedding.

However, Chantel is clearly moving on. In the first look at the new season of 90 Day: The Single Life, Chantel kisses another man and freaks out. Watch the video below for more.


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