The Season 3 Trailer for “Dead to Me” Is Finally Here After Years of Waiting

The Season 3 Trailer for “Dead to Me” Is Finally Here After Years of Waiting

Back in 2020, the second season of Netflix’s “Dead to Me” tied up a few loose ends while creating a handful of new ones. Sure, we found out how Steve Wood really died, and the stop sign Jen has been fighting to get placed in Laguna Beach is finally up, but the impulsive decisions of Jen and Judy have opened up several boxes of chaos that everyone will have to deal with in the next installment — which is coming very soon! On Monday, Sept. 24, the streaming giant released the trailer for the third and final season of the Liz Feldman dramedy, and it teases way more laughs and, of course, even more drama.

“Dead to Me” Season 3 Trailer

“Dead to Me” Season 3 Plot

Thankfully, the show has already set up its next big drama: will Ben get caught for hitting Jen and Judy in the season two finale? In the last scene of episode 10, the two women are driving back home in a brand-new car when another vehicle slams into the driver’s side at full speed, knocking Judy unconscious and hurting Jen. Ben is revealed to be the other driver, apparently driving under the influence — the camera pans to an empty bottle of whiskey beside him before he peels off. While both Jen and Judy seem to be gaining consciousness in the seconds after the crash, who knows how coherent either of them is after a hit like that! The next season will have to contend with the fallout from the hit, especially if either woman was able to see Ben’s face amid the smoke.

Of course, there’s also Steve’s murder to be dealt with, which the finale also teases when a dog starts digging around where Jen and Judy buried him in the forest. If his body has been found, it will be pretty difficult for Detective Ana Perez to ignore Jen’s confession as planned. We’ll have to wait and see how the series wraps up all of these major stories.

“Dead to Me” Season 3 Release Date

“Dead to Me”‘s fourth season will hit Netflix on Nov. 17.

Why Is “Dead to Me” Ending After Season 3?

In an August 2020 interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Feldman said that she never envisioned “Dead to Me” as a show that would go on for an endless number of seasons. “I always had the sense that I wanted this show to be a relatively short-running one,” she said. “Halfway through shooting season two, an idea came to me that felt very true to the show — and I realized that it could be a really great way to end it . . . Sometimes I think I’m making a mistake, letting go of this incredible alchemy we have with Christina and Linda, but it just feels right to me that this is how we should close out the story.”

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