These Are the Best Trailing Plants to Turn Your Home Into a Botanical Paradise—Promise

These Are the Best Trailing Plants to Turn Your Home Into a Botanical Paradise—Promise


The way a plant can tie a whole room together is pretty remarkable. Whether it’s a small cactus at the edge of your bookshelf or a thriving money tree in the corner of your office, a touch of greenery can completely transform your space. But nothing will turn your dwelling into a lush paradise quite like a good trailing plant (or two).

The best trailing plants can grow suuuuper long with very little to no maintenance involved—making them an excellent option for plant newbies or those just in it for the aesthetic (ah, me!). Looking to add more green to your space? Go for plants such as ivy, pothos, and philodendrons. Or, if you’re down for some natural pops of color, go for a curly Crassula succulent. These plants are pretty versatile and can flourish either in a pot on your windowsill or hang gracefully from your ceiling to get that urban oasis vibe just right. Plus, most trailing plants purify the air. And who wouldn’t love more of that?

If you’re ready to create your indoor botanical garden, then you’re in luck. Below, we gathered 12 of the best trailing plants, from English Ivy to String of Turtles, along with the best places to buy them. Happy plant parenting!

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this go-to pothos plant

Pothos Plant with Cognac Leather Display Hanger

Pothos is one of the more recognizable trailing plants because of its notable heart-shaped leaves. And given that they flourish in most conditions, p0thos plants are super easy to look after.


these classic ivies

English Ivy Hanging Plant

Ivy is the go-to plant if you want that effortless boho-chic interior. If properly cared for, you could have ivy vines as tall as your front door.


This beginner-friendly duo

The Trailing Bundle

These two potted beauties are perfect for the entry-level plant parent. Both silver satin pothos and philodendronsare extremely easy to look after with the help of a lot of sunlight and water.


This pattered Peperomia

Watermelon Peperomia

Isn’t it amazing that plants naturally create cool designs? This watermelon cosplaying peperomia will undoubtedly stand out amongst your plant family.


this Kokedama fern

Kokedama Medium

Obvi, trailing plants like this pretty fern make for great hanging plants. Instead of using a traditional ceramic pot, hang your plants by using Japanese Kokedama—which only uses soil covered in moss and string to grow your plants.


These lush peperomias

String of Turtles Hanging Peperomia Prostrata

If you’re not a fan of big leaves but still want that luscious green aesthetic, definitely reach for this variety of peperomias. String of Turtles are often very full, so they’ll add a lot of green texture to wherever you decide to hang ’em.


This easy-care succulent

Calico Kitten Crassula

Or maybe your green thumb only works at its best with succulents. If so, you should 110 percent buy this trailing plant and watch how effortlessly its pretty flowers will bloom.


This household herb

Oregano Plant

Did you know oregano is a trailing plant?? You can grow this lush plant for both aesthetic and cooking purposes. Talk about a win-win!


These fresh eucalyptus

Live Aromatic and Healthy Herb 14″ Eucalyptus

Instead of paying twice the price for small bunches of eucalyptus, try growing your own. These trailing plants work great for centerpieces in your kitchen or entryway.


This mini heart-shaped plant

String of Hearts

Here’s another excellent succulent that’s easy to look after because of its tolerant nature. String of Hearts propagates quickly due to its shallow roots, so you can expect a nice trail of flowers very soon.


this crazy-looking plant

Spider Plant in 8″ Hanging Basket

Spider plants are genuinely remarkable because they’re one of the most adaptable house plants around. Even with only a minimal amount of maintenance, this plant can grow pretty significantly in size.


this colorful plant

Red Prayer Plant

Prayer plants are an excellent option if you’re looking for a more colorful option. These tropical trailing plants tend to have bright yellow, green, and red shades throughout their leaves.

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