Where Is Michael Strahan? Here’s What the ‘GMA’ Star Revealed About Why He’s Not Hosting

Where Is Michael Strahan? Here’s What the ‘GMA’ Star Revealed About Why He’s Not Hosting

Ever since Michael Strahan debuted on Good Morning America in 2017, his loyal fan base has grown with every story he reports. But over the past few weeks, he has left viewers concerned about his status on the show after he took time off for unforeseen reasons.

The first time folks noticed his absence was in late March when he left the ABC morning show for spring break vacation. He eventually returned to GMA in mid-April, only to depart a few days later. So what is going on with Michael, and what is he doing that’s taking him away from the news desk alongside Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos?

Based on both GMA’s and Michael’s active Instagram accounts, it doesn’t look like he’s leaving anytime soon. But he did give major clues as to his whereabouts, and people will be thrilled by what projects he has up his sleeve.

Where is Michael Strahan on GMA?

There are several reasons why Michael isn’t on GMA right now. For starters, although GMA tapes in New York City, Michael is currently working on hosting The $100,000 Pyramid out in Los Angeles.

On April 17, he uploaded a short clip from the set to Instagram, discussing his plans to film “a lot of episodes” throughout the week. He also excitedly reminded fans that the game show is on its seventh season, which will premiere on July 9.

“Back on set this week for a new season of @pyramidabc!!” he captioned the video. “Let’s do it!”

Despite followers being thrilled to hear about Michael’s latest career news, many also expressed their disappointment about not seeing him on their favorite morning news program.

“Get back to GMA!!!! You are so missed!” one person wrote in the Instagram comments section. “So no GMA this week ? Come on…😢,” another added. “You are great on pyramid. We need to clone you so you can be on GMA 😂,” someone else chimed in.

Apart from The $100,000 Pyramid, Michael recently jetted off to Memphis to kick off the second season of the United States Football League (USFL). He not only got to walk the field ahead of the Memphis Showboats versus the Philadelphia Stars on April 15, but he received an official letter to celebrate the occasion.

Speaking of football, the former Live host got inducted into the Texas Sports Hall of Fame alongside athletes Robert Brazile, Jose “Cheo” Cruz, Scott Drew, Carlette Guidry, Priest Holmes, Adrian Peterson and Cynthia Potter. He traveled to the official museum in Waco, Texas, for the April 16 ceremony, delivering a speech showcasing his gratitude for the esteemed honor.

Outside of his hosting and sports duties, Michael is also hard at work on his skincare and shaving line. He took to Instagram to show off his range of products, including a face wash and face moisturizer. What’s more, the TV personality also announced that his brand will now be available for purchase at Target.

“Take care of that SKIN baby!!!” he wrote on April 3. “Proud to share @michaelstrahanbrand skin and shave is NOW available at TARGET.COM!! Let’s go! #StrahanSkin.”

Needless to say, Michael has a lot on his plate, and we’ll be thrilled to see him back on TV as soon as he’s able to make it.

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