Why the Cast of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Are Convinced Rachel Leviss Has Ditched the Show

Why the Cast of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Are Convinced Rachel Leviss Has Ditched the Show

At this point, Vanderpump Rules is pretty much halfway through filming Season 11 and…Rachel Leviss (reminder: she changed her name from Raquel) still hasn’t made an appearance. And apparently the cast of VPR doesn’t think she’s going to show after betraying her bestie Ariana Madix and having an affair with Tom Sandoval.

Last we heard, Rachel had ended her time in a mental health treatment facility, and was in negotiations with Bravo. But TMZ reports that the Vanderpump Rules cast “are now feeling more than confident Rachel will NOT return for Season 11.”

The reason for this pretty much comes down to scheduling: Vanderpump Rules has been filming for over a month (Bravo fired up cameras in late June), and Rachel hasn’t “shot a single scene.” And if you’re thinking that she’s potentially been filming solo, nope. Not so much.

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On top of this ^^, TMZ reports that the only person who’s been in touch with Rachel since Vanderpump Rules shot its dramatic reunion special is Tom Sandoval, so….including her in developing Season 11 storylines will be tricky to say the least.

Back in mid-July, a source told Page Six that Rachel was looking for more money, saying “She wants to get as much money as she possibly can, so she is playing hardball.” They also implied that “for the right price” she’d show up at the cast’s trip to Lake Tahoe—but that never happened….

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