Wondering Which Jonas Brother Is Their Mom’s Fave? Cool ‘Cause She Was Just Asked…

Wondering Which Jonas Brother Is Their Mom’s Fave? Cool ‘Cause She Was Just Asked…

Attention everyone with siblings: you know how you’ve secretly suspected that your mom has a favorite and she’s been living in a house of lies this entire time? Well apparently the Jonas Brothers are right there with you.

Frankie Jonas (that’s right, we’re starting this list of names with Frankie!), Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Kevin Jonas’s mom, Denise, was asked about her favorite JoBro during an interview with Today, and she definitely answered. Kinda. Sorta. Basically, she implied it’s not Nick like everyone assumes, and then claimed to not have a fave.

“I think they all think Nick’s the favorite,” she said when asked if her kids assume one sibling reigns supreme. “But I really don’t have a favorite. I mean, there are different things for different ones.”

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Denise went on to say that she always wanted boys, explaining “I thought it would be fun.” Nowadays, she obviously has daughters-in-law and granddaughters, and said “It feels absolutely wonderful because, as a mom, I’ve raised you this way and how are you gonna find someone that’s equal to you? I could not be more blessed. And they’ve given us five beautiful granddaughters.”

BTW before we go: apparently Denise was a pretty strict mom, and confirmed “I tended to be strict. Early on, my husband and I felt like, ‘We’re not just raising kids. We’re raising adults. And we want to raise them with the integrity and the moral values that we have.'”

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