You Need to See Jasmine Rice’s Immaculate Rainbow Makeup Look 🌈


It’s time for a new episode of Cosmo Queens! And today’s edition embraces all the colors of the rainbow. 🌈🌈🌈 Jasmine Rice LaBeija joined us to show off this bright, fun look that’s just hella impressive all-around, and also perfectly in theme for Pride month! Jasmine is based out of New York, and says she’s been doing drag, “ever since [she] could walk and grab [her] mother’s makeup.” Recently she was named as the face of NYC’s 2021 Pride Celebration, which is a honor that she’s taking to heart.

“I have been working hard as an artist for a while and really trying to be the greatest I can be,” Jasmine told us. “If you do something you love, which in my case is sharing my art as a queen, I think people see and appreciate your dedication. I believe that is how the opportunity was offered to me. I was prepared to represent my community that I love so much.”

To celebrate Pride this year, Jasmine says that she’ll remain aware that the fight continues. “I’m fighting for love, fighting to be loved, fighting for justice, fighting for my friends, fighting to keep what we have built so far, fighting to be happy, fighting to spread joy, fighting for what is good and righteous, and of course fighting for myself everyday to be as FABULOUS as I can be.”

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