Amazon Is Having A Huge Valentine’s Day Sale On Beauty Products

Amazon Is Having A Huge Valentine’s Day Sale On Beauty Products

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You know the drill: The holiday season has come and gone, and you’ve probably moved on from the gift-giving mindset. Valentine’s Day is upon us and your next opportunity to spread the love—literally. If you’re anything like me, buying gifts can be an awful, financially-draining, stress-inducing chore that I enjoy leaving to the last minute. But as we approach the two-week countdown, it’s time to get serious about what you’re going to be buying for that special someone–or yourself.

Gifting beauty products for Valentine’s Day is something I highly recommend. But let’s be honest: They can still be pricey, and sometimes take forever to arrive. But don’t worry, there are still options that are quick, reliable, and low-cost. That’s right, Amazon is having a Valentine’s Day Sale.

From February 3rd until the 10th, you can get up to 30% off on some giftable beauty items including brands like Foreo, Oribe, and NuFace. But if you don’t feel like scouring the endless lists on Amazon and picking a present at random, please feel free to use these suggestions and pretend you can up with them all on your own. And here’s a hot tip: If the gift-receiver asks, tell them you paid full price. So whether you’re looking to buy a gift for yourself, your mom, or a hot new romantic partner, here are 12 items from the Amazon Valentine’s Day Sale that will make anyone happy.

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Nano Titanium Spring Curling Iron

Nothing says “wine me and dine me” like some beautifully tousled waves. This easy-to-use curling iron will give you the curls of your dreams, without too much effort.


Oscar by Oscar De La Renta Eau de Toilette Perfume

If you can’t wear your Oscar de la Renta gown out on the town, at least you can spritz on some of his perfume. This fragrance has lovely floral notes, juxtaposed with deep musk and bright citrus.


No Makeup Mascara

If you’ve been catfishing your date into thinking your lashes are just naturally long and thick, this mascara will keep the game going longer. It expertly defines and lengthens lashes, without looking too made up.


Petite Facial Toning Device

They say being in love makes you look more beautiful, but love can’t compete with the powerful effects of the NuFace. This tool helps instantly lift and sculpt your face, for a more youthful appearance.


Hydrating Lip Plumper

Bring the spark back into your relationship with this slightly tingly lip plumper. Not only does it make your mouth look completely kissable, but the glossy finish means you don’t even need to put on lipstick.


Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer

Your overnight bag is probably already stuffed with items you’ll need in the morning, but the good news is that this compact hair dryer will still fit. It’s small enough to take with you, but still packs a powerful punch for drying hair quickly.


Dry Styling Collection

Anyone would jump up and down with joy after opening this bundle of Oribe’s bestselling styling products. For an extra oomph in your hair, these products will add volume, shine, and waves in no time.


Dream A Little Dream Of Me Nail Polish

You can never really own too many nail polishes, and this shimmery pink shade is practically made for Valentine’s Day. It’s also laced with ingredients designed around nail health, so you never have to worry about causing any damage.


Sensibio H2O Soothing Micellar Cleansing Water

Is there anything more romantic than being completely bare in front of a new partner? This gentle makeup remover tends to your skin while removing any traces of makeup or skincare.


Big Blowout Heat Protection Jelly Serum

Hopefully, protection is already a part of your V-Day plans. But are you protecting your hair, too? This luxurious jelly will make sure your hot tools don’t damage your strands while styling, so you can focus on more important matters.


LUNA 3 Smart Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush

A clean base is the best way to start any makeup ritual. If you’re prepping for date night, giving your skin a good scrub with this gentle vibrating cleansing brush will make sure the rest of your makeup sits perfectly on top.


Express Ion Smooth+ Ceramic Flat Iron

Dating tools? Out. New hair tools? In. This sleek flat iron will make it easy to get smooth and shiny hair in minutes. Your hair will never look more healthy.

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