Amazon’s New Beauty Shop Focuses on Indie and BIPOC-Owned Brands

Amazon’s New Beauty Shop Focuses on Indie and BIPOC-Owned Brands


If your Amazon shopping experience is typically about restocking essentials and clicking straight on what you need (like the cleanser you’ve been using since middle school and razor head refills), prepare to get your browsing muscle ready. The launch of its Indie Beauty Store last month introduced a new shopping destination filled with small, under-the-radar brands and other products and offerings that aren’t simple and easy to find.

It’s easy to shop too. There are categories for skincare and hair, plus more curated areas like those for natural, BIPOC-owned brands, or “innovative” products (think a mascara shield to keep smudges at bay or a scalp steamer). It’s the sort of stacked online shop that deserves plenty of poring over, but we’re happy to help get you started with a few finds we’re intrigued by…

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CLEAR+ Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse

Apple cider vinegar is a forever hero ingredient. Skip the DIY recipe and opt for a pre-made version that helps keep your scalp clean and pH balanced. Other natural ingredients include rice water (to help with tangles) and castor oil (said to slow hair loss).


Snap Hair Ties for Thick, Natural, Curly Hair

Snaps make these hair ties totally different than the standard: They open, allowing you to wrap them around hair before closing into place. They’re smart for almost anyone, whether you have natural, thick, or curly hair—or just like a tight, tight pony.


Marshmallow Whip Maker Facial Cleansing Tool

Love a light-as-air cleanser but devoted to a formula that’s not so airy? Some beauty geniuses have stepped in with a handy tool that uses a pumping action and water to turn the wash you love into something more marshmallow’y from the start.

Sparkle and shine anywhere and everywhere with a multi-purpose (and vegan) pot of iridescent shine. Whether your typical glow status is about a lit-from-within vibe or edges more on the dramatic side of things, it all comes down to how much you want to layer.


Clear Lip Balm and Clear Lip Gloss Combo

Give us kitsch any day of the week. The lollipop design of this pick feels wonderfully nostalgic, but there’s function behind the form too. The top encases a balm, while the tube—a.k.a. the lollipop stick—is actually a gloss.


The Even Eye Stencils 1-Pack

Don’t stress over the mess that a serious bit of eye makeup application can leave. In a case of “someone’s thought of everything,” these stencils are meant to sit on the undereye while you’re applying shadow to keep your overall look neat.


Wellness Shower Bombs 6-Pack

Love a bath bomb but have no time for, you know, an actual bath? These made-for-the-shower versions use essential oils for a relaxing experience that you can sneak in on the daily.


Dual Magnetic Eyelashes, 0.2mm Ultra Thin Magnet, 8-Piece

If you’ve been fascinated by the idea of magnetic falsies, but a bit hesitant to pull the trigger, now’s the time to try. Pop this Amazon find in your cart: It’s racked up a lot of reviews and rings in under $20.

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