Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie-Chance Roberts’ Camp-Themed Wedding Looks Absolutely Glorious

Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie-Chance Roberts’ Camp-Themed Wedding Looks Absolutely Glorious

Beanie Feldstein and Bonnie-Chance Roberts are officially married! The longtime couple tied the knot outside in a camp-themed wedding at Cedar Lakes Estate in the Hudson Valley on May 19.

“It is our happy place together,” Beanie told Vogue. “I grew up going to summer camp for ten years, and my parents and both sets of my grandparents met at summer camp, so camp is a lineage of love through the generations of my family. Even though we met in London and fell in love on a film set, to get married at a camp was a truly beautiful emotional homecoming.”

All of the couple’s wedding vendors were women, and the couple told Vogue, “Our genius designers, Little Sister Creative—well, it’s all in the name—they are sisters too. It was very special for us as two creative women to work with such esteemed and talented women.”

Beanie and Bonnie wore Gucci for their ceremony, with Beanie revealing, “The moment I saw the sketch of the dress I ended up wearing, I knew it was the one. I’ve always been such a bow obsessive, and the moment I laid eyes on that stunning bow piece they created, my breath left my body and I knew I was looking at my wedding dress. The thing that absolutely blows me away about the dress is that it is simultaneously incredibly vintage feeling, it almost feels like they took a dress from a hundred years ago and restored it, and also remarkably modern and fresh. It is modest yet sexy. The dress is a beautifully complex piece containing multitudes within it. I still cannot believe it’s mine.”

Meanwhile, Bonnie’s suit was inspired by a Julia Roberts look and Beanie cried seeing her in it for the first time: “Of course, it was because she looked outrageously beautiful. But it was also because I knew how many people she was going to inspire with this outfit. There are so few representations of brides wearing suits at their weddings, let alone something so special, so out of the box, so Gucci!”

Congratulations to Beanie and Bonnie <3 <3

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