Brittany Broski Thinks She’s Too Cheap to Nail Our ‘Expensive Taste Test.’


Brittany Broski, AKA “Kombucha Girl,” rose to fame through taste testing. If you weren’t already aware of this info, 1. I’m going to assume you lived in a bunker for all of 2019, and 2. Allow me to provide some context. So, as arguably the reigning queen of taste testing, (second maybe to that food reviewer in Ratatouille,) obviously it only made sense that eventually, Brittany would make her way to our iconic Expensive Taste Test.

Of course, we offered up a couple of kombuchas for Brittany to try out, but she was quite hesitant. Makes sense. You can’t expect an artist to perform their magnum opus at the drop of a hat. She was fully game to test out a few other items though! We hit her with fake nails, fake lashes, real water, and more, to see if she could sniff out the expensive option. She sure had a lot of hilarious stuff to say about, well, everything. Watch the full episode to see all the commotion in action!

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