Cindy Crawford Is “Testing” Bangs

Cindy Crawford Is “Testing” Bangs

Image Source: Getty/Alexander Tamargo / Contributor

Cindy Crawford is feeling experimental. On Feb. 8, the supermodel posted a picture of herself on Instagram with bangs, completely shocking fans in the process. “Not exactly trauma bangs. Just testing!✂️,” Crawford captioned the photo, hinting that the fringe most likely isn’t real. Clip-ins or not, the bangs were choppy and fell right below her eyebrows — a perfect cross between “Birkin” and wispy bangs.

Crawford is known for her voluminous ’90s blowout, so it’s not often you see her deviating from her signature hairstyle. Whether she decides to make the bangs permanent remains to be seen but as always, she looks fantastic.

There has been no shortage of celebrity bangs in Hollywood with stars like Jenna Ortega, Megan Fox, and Selena Gomez all debuting their own versions of the look. If you’re on the market for your own bangs transformation (no trauma needed), styles like curtain and side-swept bangs are currently having a moment. Additionally, the ever-so-edgy micro bang feels perfectly in line with the “indie sleaze” resurgence that is happening in the beauty and fashion space right now. Take a closer look at Crawford’s hair below.

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