Dua Lipa’s Net Worth Is Truly Skyrocketing

Dua Lipa’s Net Worth Is Truly Skyrocketing

Since she released her first single in 2015, Dua Lipa‘s career has been nothing but ups. The British and Albanian singer has already racked up a long list of hits and several shelves worth of high-profile awards and honors, including three Grammy Awards, six Brit Awards, two Billboard Music Awards, and even two Guinness (in 2020, she set the record for the most tickets sold for a live-streamed concert by a solo female artist and in 2021 for most monthly listeners on Spotify for a female artist that year, to save you the trouble of googling them yourself).

In addition to all the hit songs and prestigious awards, Dua Lipa’s nothing-but-up career has also earned her a lot of money. Like, a lot a lot. Like Scrooge McDuck money bin amounts of money. What’s more, her bank account balance is on the same nothing-but-up trajectory as the rest of her career. The earliest recorded estimate from Celebrity Net Worth, back in 2017, estimated her net worth at $3 million. By 2019, that had doubled to $6 million, subsequently jumping to $16 million in 2020 and $25 million in 2021 before landing at her current estimated net worth of $35 million in late 2022.

Yes, you read that right: Dua Lipa’s net worth is $35 million. Here’s what we know about how she built that massive wealth in less than a decade.

She was a waitress before she was signed to a record deal.

Before she landed her record deal, Dua Lipa had a series of very normal, very low-paying gigs, including retail jobs, hostessing at Soho’s Mexican restaurant La Bodega Negra and being That Girl with the checklist who turned people away from getting into nightclub Mayfair.

“It was awful, not very nice at all,” she told the Evening Standard in 2016 of her nightclub gatekeeping days. “You have to be a very cold person to stand there and tell people they can’t come in when it would be perfectly fine. When I had to turn away my friends because they were wearing trainers, I knew it wasn’t the kind of place I wanted to work.”

The point is: Dua Lipa had almost definitely saved almost no money before she broke into the music industry.

Her music career took off FAST.

Dua Lipa signed her record deal with Warner Bros. Records UK in 2014, released her first single, “New Love,” in 2015, and dropped her self-titled debut album to rave reviews in 2017.

And if you noticed that serious leap her net worth took in 2020 and wondered what caused it, that would be her sophomore album, Future Nostalgia, which was released that year to even more critical acclaim than her first album. Future Nostalgia‘s lead single, “Don’t Start Now,” reached No. 2 on the Billboard charts (making it her biggest hit in the United States to date) and was followed by five more singles from the album. And that’s not even touching on the many, many hit collabs she’s been a part of.

Her Future Nostalgia Tour was a HUGE success.

Dua Lipa has been successful across the board in her career, but her Future Nostalgia Tour took things to the next level. The tour grossed more than $40 million in the U.S. and Canada alone. According to Billboard, 394,000 tickets were sold for the first leg of the tour, which was a 346% increase in ticket sales compared to Dua Lipa’s tour for her first album. The gross-per-show was also much higher for the Future Nostalgia Tour compared to her Self-Titled Tour (up a jaw-dropping 1,479%).

She’s also a brand ambassador.

In addition to the money Dua Lipa has earned directly from her music and touring, she has a lucrative side hustle working as a brand ambassador for some high-profile brands, including Yves Saint Laurent (as the face of the brand’s Libre fragrance), Evian, and Puma.

Oh, and just in case that weren’t enough, she’s also collaborated on three collections for Pepe Jeans.

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