Eddie Murphy Dishes On Celebrating Christmas With 10 Kids

Eddie Murphy Dishes On Celebrating Christmas With 10 Kids

Eddie Murphy is gearing up for the holidays — both on-screen and off.

The screen legend walked the red carpet at the premiere of his Christmas comedy Candy Cane Lane on Tuesday, where he spoke with ET’s Kevin Frazier about the project, and his own annual holiday traditions.

When asked why it took him this long in his career to do a Christmas-themed family comedy, Murphy said, “It just never came along. I’ve done a couple that were set in the winter time — Trading Places is the winter time, and Coming to America is a winter time movie. But this is the first time I just did a straight-out Christmas film.”

When it comes to his own Christmas time traditions, Murphy explained that it always revolved around “just everybody getting together.”

“I go all-out on Christmas,” Murphy said. “I got 10 kids, and all the family comes around, and it’s just a house full of people. That’s my favorite dish.”

Murphy shares two children with his fiancée, Paige Butcher — whom Murphy walked the carpet with on Tuesday. He also is a father to eight other kids from four previous relationships.

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In the past, some have drawn comparisons between Murphy and Nick Cannon — who has fathered 12 children with six women, 10 of which arrived within about 3 years of one another.

When asked if he has any advice for Cannon and his 12 kids, Murphy exclaimed, “Lord have mercy, yeah, no, he don’t need no advice.”

In his new film Candy Cane Lane, Murphy plays Chris Carver, a family man who looks to win a neighborhood Christmas decorating contest. However, things don’t go as planned after he makes a deal with a magic elf to help him in his efforts and shenanigans ensue.

Murphy stars opposite Tracee Ellis Ross, who plays his wife, Carol Carver, and the comedy icon had nothing but praise for his co-stars many talents.

“We had really good chemistry together, ’cause she’s funny,” Murphy told ET. “She’s funny and she goes for it, and she’s a good actress. I’m going to do something else with her.”

Candy Cane Lane debuts Dec. 1 on Prime Video.



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