Florence Pugh and Her Rumored Boyfriend Charlie Were Spotted With Matching Bands on *That* Finger

Florence Pugh and Her Rumored Boyfriend Charlie Were Spotted With Matching Bands on *That* Finger

Florence Pugh seems to have a new man in her life, people! Back in February 2023, the Oppenheimer actor was spotted hanging out with a man who is very much nawt her ex Zach Braff, but rather a certain Charlie Gooch. Now, because we’re (1) overachievers and (2) Flo’s biggest fans, we couldn’t help but go down a rabbit hole on everything to know about these two. And luckily for you, we’ve decided to share all of our findings with ya!

Ahead, all the piping hot Charlie 🍵, including how he and Florence met and all about their semi-recent sighting when they were spotted with matching rings on *that* finger. 👀

florence and charlie spotted together in rome

Florence and Charlie spotted together in Rome

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Charlie is a photographer

In addition to posting incredibly artsy pics on his main Insta account (it’s @guygooch for all you nosy people), Charlie also has an account under @guys.archive for…well, all his archival content.

And, yes, before you ask: Florence and Charlie do follow each other on social media, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since he’s photographed Florence on tons of occasions. Like, one of the first times the two collaborated was back in 2021 when he took photos of her during her Black Widow press tour. “Shot Florence Pugh as part of her upcoming film Black Widow! Super excited to be part of this journey :)” the creative wrote at the time.

Charlie even accompanied Flo to her appearance at Jimmy Kimmel Live and shot *chef’s kiss* portraits of her there, including one whose caption read, “Some more shots of the wonderful Florence Pugh, ready for @jimmykimmellive. An amazing experience with an amazing team!”

According to Charlie’s LinkedIn, he works as a freelance photographer but has previously done internships with Spring Studios and Frank Lebon Studios, among a number of others.

…and he’s a director!

Like Florence, her rumored BF has also ~dabbled~ in directing. Case in point? Back in 2021, he co-directed the short film Before We Collide alongside Gregor Petrikovič.

The project made a massive splash and was even showcased at Athens Digital Arts Festival, London Super Shorts Film Festival, and Sydney World Film Festival.

He’s from London

At least, that’s what Charlie’s Insta bio tells us, which is cool considering the fact that Florence is originally from Oxford, England. Love this for them.

charlie gooch

Charlie Gooch//Instagram

The couple was first spotted together in December 2022

According to the Daily Mail, Florence and Charlie were first photographed in December 2022 when they partied the night away after the British Fashion Awards. Kind of an iconic first public appearance, no?

Florence low-key told us their origin story

Yep, turns out Flo has been gushing about her rumored boyfriend for quiiiiiite some time! “My my my…what a collab with @guygooch,” the actor wrote in a lengthy June 2021 post in which she tagged the photographer after his help with the Black Widow press tour. “I first saw his moving photography a year ago and instantly wanted to create one with him. We’ve spoken about it for a while and he’s been planning it for a while. We all wanted this press tour to look different, feel different, and to bring along artists and have them join this journey with us.”

“So..Guy’s moving images have been on my mind for a long time! When discussing what to wear for this video we knew we wanted something exciting, we didn’t know we had two of the most incredible outfits identical…in different colours. So? We wore them both. I’m so happy with our end creation, a massive thanks to @guygooch for creating something beautiful and different.” Obsessed!

Charlie has met Florence’s family

Per pics obtained by Just Jared, Charlie accompanied Florence and her family during a day out in London in February 2023. The rumored couple held hands as they walked with Flo’s mom, Deborah, and sister, Raffie, to get lunch at the 180 Strand. Plus, according to the publication, the duo ended their meal by exchanging hugs with Florence’s family members and walking off into the sunset together.

They’ve been spotted wearing matching rings

And on Valentine’s Day, no less! In paparazzi pics snapped by Page Six, both the actor and photographer were reportedly rocking matching bands on their ring fingers while walking hand-in-hand in London. It’s not publicly known whether this means engagement is in the air, but it’s très romantique nonetheless ¯_(ツ)_/¯.

Aaaaaaand that’s pretty much all we know about these lovebirds!

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