Gigi Hadid with a Fringe and Bob Haircut Was Not on June’s Bingo Card

Gigi Hadid with a Fringe and Bob Haircut Was Not on June’s Bingo Card

When scrolling through my Instagram feed this morning, the last thing I expected to see was Gigi Hadid with a long bob haircut and fringe – I mean, hello… transformation or what?! Alas, she (read: said hairstyle) has arrived and is welcomed via a new campaign for luxury fashion brand, Miu Miu.

In an exclusive interview with WWD released today [1 June, 2023], Miu Miu’s CEO, Benedetta Petruzzo discussed the current brand heat, its signature matelassé fabric and the inspiration behind photographer, Steven Meisel’s snaps of Gigi – aka, the model fronting the entirety of the brand’s recent collection.

Below is an Instagram post featuring one of the select few campaign images that have just been revealed:

As shown, Gigi’s long (and almost hip-skimming) blonde locks are no more and instead, have been chopped to just below shoulder-length. This style is often referred to as a ‘lob’ chop, aka a ‘long bob’. And to add even more drama to her already shocking look, a piecey fringe has been cut in, framing the model’s face ever so effortlessly.

In terms of the color, Gigi is sporting her trademark icy tone with low-maintenance shadow roots. Did someone say root regrowth? Because we’re totally behind this money-saving trend.

Now, having said all of that, it must be acknowledged that this ‘do could, in fact, be a wig. *Pretends to be shocked*. After all, photoshoots and celebrity jobs as such are often shot and filmed months – if not years – in advance. So, a quick switcheroo is to be expected.

Nevertheless, wig or not, that doesn’t take away from the beauty of Gigi’s bob. Just bear the above in mind before doing an at-home hair scissors jobby, OK?

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