Hello, Your Monthly Horoscope for June Is Here

Hello, Your Monthly Horoscope for June Is Here

Add These Dates to Your G-Cal:

  • June 3: Full Moon in Sagittarius
  • June 5: Venus enters Leo
  • June 11: Mercury enters Gemini
  • June 11: Venus in Leo square Jupiter in Taurus
  • June 17: New Moon in Gemini
  • June 21: Sun enters Cancer
  • June 26: Mercury enters Cancer

Great news, cosmic cuties—you’ve made it through an unusually chaotic first half of the year! With Mercury Retrograde and eclipse season behind us, we’re finally beginning to experience some forward movement. June starts out with the Sun moving through Gemini, which brings a curious, social, and flexible nature to our actions. Communication, information, and understanding the beauty of duality are super important.

And we’re off: Venus in Cancer brushes up against Neptune in Pisces on June 2, inspiring romance and creativity. Go on a date or get lost in a hobby today. The following day on June 3, a boisterous Full Moon in Sagittarius lights up the skies. Conversations reach a climax, and information we share or learn today can lead to profound changes. Even more revelations may occur on June 4 when Mercury in Taurus meets with Uranus in Taurus.

Venus, the planet of love, harmony, and finances, enters bold Leo on June 5. Your love language shifts to dramatic displays of affection, and your style is fearless. On the same day, Venus will sit across the sky from Pluto in Aquarius, a meetup we’ve never experienced in our lifetimes. This rare event can stir up power struggles, control, obsession, fixations, jealousy, and manipulation. The energy lightens on June 9 when Mercury in Taurus gently connects with Neptune in Pisces. This is a wonderful day for compassionate communication.


May 21 to June 21: Gemini season

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June 3: Full Moon in Sagittarius

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June 5 to October 8: Venus in Leo

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June 17: New Moon in Gemini

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June 21 to July 22: Cancer Season

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June 11 is one of the busiest days of the month, with three major events taking place. First, Pluto, lord of the underworld, re-enters Capricorn. This teleports us back to February 11 through March 22, when Pluto was hovering at the final degree of Capricorn. What issues regarding control, power, and surrender were you sorting through then? They’re coming back up now! Next, Mercury enters Gemini, which means communication clears up and your schedule becomes busier. Finally, Venus in Leo clashes up against Jupiter in Taurus. Venus and Jupiter are two of the luckiest planets in the sky, and anytime they connect, the good vibes roll.

A few days later on June 15, a cosmic speed bump arrives when Mercury in Gemini collides with Saturn in Pisces. You might experience misunderstandings or rejections today. Remember, this is only a temporary setback. On June 17, Saturn, the planet of time, karma, challenge and dedication, stations retrograde. You’re invited to turn inward and reflect on your commitments and boundaries. Adjust if needed. On the same day, a New Moon in Gemini arrives, inspiring a fresh start around your mindset and the way you communicate. This is a wonderful day to tap into your creative side.

Miscommunication is once again in the air on June 18 when the Sun in Gemini clashes with Neptune in Pisces. While this combination can foster creativity, it can also lead to over-idealizing and a lull in energy. The next day, you feel like you’re finally moving forward on a solid foundation as Jupiter in Taurus meets up with Saturn in Pisces.

It’s time to celebrate: The Sun enters Cancer on June 21, marking the start of Cancer season and the summer solstice. Today, day and night reach equal lengths. Over the next month, the Sun’s journey through Cancer delivers a more nostalgic mood. You’re focused on tending to your personal sense of security and spending time with loved ones. On the same day, Mercury in Gemini teams up with Mars in Leo, bringing a flurry of lightning-quick ideas and downloads. You’re ready to take action!

A few days later on June 25, Mercury in Gemini forms a tense connection with Neptune in Pisces. Avoid making major decisions today if possible–you’re not able to see the full picture just yet. The next day, you’re met with major drama and theatrics when Mars in Leo clashes with Uranus in Taurus. This is a volatile and reactive energy, but it can also lead to bold and unexpected action.

Mercury enters Cancer on June 26 and your communication style becomes more reliant on your intuition. You’re better able to understand what’s been left unsaid. Warning: Everyone is acting a little more passive-aggressive right now. The vibes mellow out toward the end of the month on June 28 when the Sun in Cancer meets harmoniously with Saturn in Pisces, leaving you feeling stable, secure, and understood. If you’ve been working hard towards something, recognition may arrive.

The following day on June 29, Mercury in Cancer mingles with Saturn in Pisces, lending you the focus required to accomplish quite a bit. You are thinking level-headed and practically. This is a good day for decision-making, signing a contract, and reaching an agreement. Neptune, a planet of spirituality, romance, and creativity, stations retrograde on June 30. This is a powerful time to reflect on your dreams for the future. Do the dreams you’re currently working toward still feel fulfilling? It’s okay to change your goals. The month ends with a major revelation when the Sun and Mercury meet at the same point in Cancer on June 30. Breakthroughs, innovative ideas, and new understandings are bound to arrive today.

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