Here’s Everyone Who Dies in ‘Stranger Things 4’ Because There’s a Lot of People…

Here’s Everyone Who Dies in ‘Stranger Things 4’ Because There’s a Lot of People…


Just when we thought we’d seen everything in Stranger Things, things got very bloody, very quickly. The show’s season 4 opens up with one of the most gruesome scenes on the series so far, and now that part 2 is out, we know that was just the beginning. The body count continued to rise as fans were forced to say goodbye to character after character. With the final two episodes now out as of Friday and an entire season 5 on the horizon, there are surely more to come.

Here are all the characters that have died in Stranger Things season 4.

Chapter 1: “Hellfire Club”

Basically everyone at Hawkins Lab


The season kicks off with a flashback scene at the Hawkins Lab when El was there. It shows the bodies of several of the other kids along with guards and workers who were attacked. Initially, Brenner notices El is still alive while the show implies she was the one who killed everyone. But if you’ve already finished the series, you know the truth.


stranger things l to r joseph quinn as eddie munson and grace van dien as chrissy in stranger things cr courtesy of netflix © 2022

Courtesy of NetflixNetflix

Even the Duffers regret killing Chrissy off. Unfortunately for us, the popular Hawkins cheerleader couldn’t find what she needed to fend off Vecna. Her death is the reason why Eddie is now on the run from everyone in town and why we can’t stop singing/screaming “Chrissy wake up! I don’t like this!”

Chapter 2: “Vecna’s Curse”

Mystery teen from Hawkins

stranger things 4


When Fred is with Nancy in the car heading over to Eddie’s, she starts to see flashbacks of a kid who died in a car accident whom he left for dead. It’s pretty obvious why he feels guilty about this (and why Vecna therefore targets him).

Fred Benson

stranger things l to r logan riley bruner as fred benson and vecna in stranger things cr courtesy of netflix © 2022


Looks like it was all too much for poor Fred as Vecna got his way. After Fed strayed from Nancy, Vecna went after him with clocks and creepy Upside Down moments, and now he’s officially gone.

Chapter 3: “The Monster and the Superhero”

No deaths were shown in chapter 3. A brief reprieve!

Chapter 4: “Dear Billy”

Russian soldiers after Hopper’s escape

russian soldiers stranger things 4


Hopper’s escape came at the expense of a few fallen soldiers. To be fair, it was either him dying or them facing a deadly last-minute blast that helped him get out of Kamchatka, so…

The Creel Family (except Victor and you know who)

stranger things l to r tyner rushing as virginia creel, kevin l johnson as young victor creel and livi burch as alice creel in stranger things cr tina rowdennetflix © 2022

Tina RowdenNetflix

As Nancy and Robin sneak in to the psychiatric center to hear more about what happened at Creel House from Victor Creel directly, we got the full story about who survived…and who didn’t.

Chapter 5: “The Nina Project”

Agent Harmon

agent harmon stranger things


Agent Harmon tried everything he could to protect the California crew as they escaped a wild attack from Sullivan’s soldiers. Unfortunately, he was shot right before they made it out and eventually died from his wounds.

Patrick McKinney

patrick mckinney stranger things 4


His friends did not believe him, but Patrick knew that Vecna was out to get him. Unfortunately, the rest of the basketball team was too focused on trying to find Eddie rather than helping their teammate.

Guards at Hawkins Lab

stranger things millie bobby brown as eleven in stranger things cr courtesy of netflix © 2022


This job should really come with a warning that you may not survive if you try to mess with El. Unfortunately, some guards tried to stop her as she attempted to leave the lab and caused her to have a surge, which killed them in the process.

Chapter 6: “The Dive”

Kamchatka prisoners

stranger things david harbour as jim hopper in stranger things cr courtesy of netflix © 2022

Courtesy of Netflix

A lot of prisoners did not know exactly what they were signed up for when they talked during dinner shortly before facing the Demogorgon, but Hopper tried to warn them all about the monster they would face. Unfortunately, they didn’t survive the battle.

Chapter 7: “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”

Everyone at Hawkins Lab (again)

stranger things jamie campbell bower as peter ballard in stranger things cr courtesy of netflix © 2022


By now we know the truth about what happened in Hawkins Lab all those years ago. It was really One/Vecna/Henry Creel who caused the big attack, and there was almost no survivors except for El and Dr. Brenner. One tried to convince El to join him, but she refused and sent him to the Upside Down while inadvertently turning him into Vecna in the process.

Chapter 8: “Papa”

Dr. Martin Brenner/Papa

stranger things

Courtesy of Netflix

There has already been one Dr. Brenner death fake-out, but this looks like the real deal. Sullivan and his government agency were after him and Eleven and shot Brenner as he and El tried to get away. He asked forgiveness, and she left him to die by himself.

Chapter 9: “The Piggyback”

Eddie Munson

stranger things joseph quinn as eddie munson in stranger things cr courtesy of netflix  © 2022

Courtesy of Netflix

This one is a heartbreak. Even though Eddie has only been on the show for season 4, he quickly became a fan favorite, which made his heroic death at the hands of the Demobats to buy time even more devastating. He died in Dustin’s arms, and that’s the end of everyone’s new fave.

Jason Carver

stranger things mason dye as jason carver in stranger things cr courtesy of netflix © 2022

Courtesy of Netflix

When a gate to the Upside Down exploded open, it ripped the unfortunately-placed Jason’s body in half, so he is another new season 4 character who did not make it into season 5 alive after all.

22 Hawkins residents

stranger things noah schnapp as will byers in stranger things cr courtesy of netflix © 2022

Courtesy of Netflix

We heard on a news report that 22 (!!) Hawkins people have died because of the Upside Down gate opening, with even more missing.

Max Mayfield…potentially

stranger things sadie sink as max mayfield in stranger things cr courtesy of netflix © 2022

Courtesy of Netflix

Max is the big TBD of the season 4 finale. She ended the season in a coma after the showdown with Vecna, and Lucas explicitly said her heart stopped at one point (hence her placement on this list). It’s not looking so good for Max right now. Guess we’ll have to wait for the final season 5 to learn Max’s ultimate fate.

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