How You Can Help Put an End to Abortion Misinformation Today

How You Can Help Put an End to Abortion Misinformation Today

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Misinformation is one of our biggest enemies in this post-Roe era. From agenda-driven politicians to anti-choice organizers, some public figures (and sometimes everyday folks, too) are using their platforms to spread inaccurate information about abortion and reproductive healthcare. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just check out our #AbortionFactCheckProject.) Fear-mongering combined with the censorship of accurate medical information has even raised doubts about the safety of at-home abortion medications.

This anti-choice propaganda is the culprit behind this most recent alarming statistic: 1 in 4 Americans are concerned about the safety of abortion pills, despite said medication being FDA approved since 2000, according to Hey Jane, a virtual clinic advocating for accessible and affordable reproductive care.

The truth is a simple Google search won’t protect you against anti-abortion misinformation anymore. And that’s exactly why Hey Jane is taking matters into its own hands by introducing the “The Un-Whisper Network” starting today, September 28—which happens to be International Safety Abortion Day.

The Un-Whisper Network is a free, year-round initiative designed to improve abortion access by providing accurate facts to its members in the hopes friends and families turn to each other for abortion advice rather than social media or Google. Upon joining the network, members will receive a virtual monthly toolkit filled with the following:

  • A one-page overview of FAQs regarding abortion medications.
  • Shareable infographics and social materials that outline the most common inaccurate facts about abortion.
  • Stickers, posters, and other social assets to help raise awareness of this program.
  • A verified badge to signify you’re a source of accurate abortion information.

    Sign up for The Un-Whisper Network at

    “Our supporters always ask us: What can I do to help expand abortion access?” says Rebecca Davis, a spokesperson for Hey Jane. “In the post-Roe world, taking action can feel overwhelming—but we realized that there is actually a very impactful way for people to do this, by being a trustworthy resource for their community.”

    This isn’t Hey Jane’s only plan to counter anti-choice propaganda, either. The virtual clinic is also putting its $$ with its mouth is. To encourage folks to join the network and celebrate International Safety Abortion Day, Hey Jane is donating a dollar for every re-post on September 28 that tags @heyjanehealth. All donations will be given to Hey Jane’s notable reproductive abortion providers including: ACCESS Reproductive Justice, Chicago Abortion Fund, Cobalt Advocates, Indigenous Women Rising, Northwest Abortion Access Fund, and West Fund.

    This week, log onto your IG and head to Hey Jane’s account. A simple click can help just one person in this terrifying and confusing post-Roe world. And hey, if you have the time (and funds) to do more for abortion activism, buy some of Hey Jane’s merch. All proceeds from its merch store will be donated to the abortion providers above. (Plus, did we mention that Hey Jane will be releasing a limited edition merch on September 28? 👀 Exclusive sh!t.)

    We couldn’t stop SCOTUS from overturning Roe, but what we do now—preventing misinformation and fear mongering from spreading—matters. “Only 1 in 4 adults even know that abortion pills exist,” says Davis. “[Hey Jane’s] goal is to equip people with the information they need to confidently be a resource to their communities, so that we can get that number up to 4 in 4.”

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