I Tried the Latest Peel-Off Nail Polish — Did It Work?

I Tried the Latest Peel-Off Nail Polish — Did It Work?

Taylor Augustin

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I’m the type of person who always has their nails done. Mostly, I just like how they look and make me feel, but also, I have been dating my boyfriend for four years and want to be ready in the instance he pops the question. Have I been delusional to only pick out “bridal colors” over the last few months? Perhaps. It’s also why, when my polish starts to chip or look wonky, I absolutely freak out.

I know, I know: there are bigger problems in the world, but when you have a gut feeling, you have to go with it. Still, if you’re like me and always after the perfect manicure at all times, I need to let you in on my newest brand discovery: Kiki.

Kiki is known for its inaugural product, the Pretty Nail Graffiti ($29), which is great for anyone in a pinch and with no time to hit up the nail salon. Its hero product comes in a clickable pen and is meant for one-day use, and when you’re done, you simply peel it off (no — not in the nail-damaging way). If you’re interested in learning more, just keep scrolling to read all about my experience and honest thoughts about Kiki’s Pretty Nail Graffiti.

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About the Kiki Pretty Nail Graffiti

  • This nail polish comes in a clickable pen format.
  • It has no odor and is free of acetone.
  • The product is meant to last for one day and is perfect for quick touch-ups and fixes.
  • To remove, simply peel it off.
  • The brand claims the formula won’t damage your natural nails.
Taylor Holding KIKI's Pretty Nail Graffiti - Open
Taylor Augustin

What I Like About Kiki’s Pretty Nail Graffiti

The first thing I noticed about Kiki’s Pretty Nail Graffiti was that there was absolutely no smell, which is definitely not the case with most (if not all) nail polishes on the market. My guess is that it has something to do with the absence of acetone, but I was so glad I wasn’t left with a gross whiff or headache while swiping it on.

And the best part of the product has to be how easy it is to use. Since it comes in a clickable pen, it’s way simpler to hold and control than traditional nail polish, allowing for a much more user-friendly experience. If you’re anything like me and always managing to get nail polish all over your nail beds, trust me when I say you won’t be able to screw this up.

As for the removal process, I thought it was fun. I love anything that’s satisfying, whether it’s watching cleaning videos on TikTok or peeling off a face mask, so it came as no surprise that I liked removing the peel-off polish. It took just under a minute to strip off all 10 nails and left my gels underneath with no damage. Plus, the Pearl color that I tested out looked stunning atop my light-pink polish (although I can imagine it would look great on its own, too, giving off a classic glazed-doughnut look). It gave a chrome-finish effect that was truly beautiful.

How to Use Kiki’s Pretty Nail Graffiti

I have gel nails at all times, but I definitely get bored of having the same color for three weeks straight. That’s why I think Kiki is such a great product. You can apply it on bare nails or layer it on top of what you already have on. To get started, zero prep is required. Simply open the cap, click the pen, and get to work. I applied one coat of the Pearl color over my light-pink gel nails and let it dry down for a few minutes before going in with another coat.

When the day was over and I was ready to remove the color, all I had to do was pick at the corner of my nail and gently peel off the product, which, I’d like to add, was a lot of fun. It came off in one layer, which was so satisfying and didn’t ruin my gels.

Taylor Before and After Using KIKI's Pretty Nail Graffiti
Taylor Augustin

What to Consider Before Trying Kiki’s Pretty Nail Graffiti

If you’re looking for a nail polish that will last you for weeks, this is not the product for you. But if you’re looking for a quick fix to help you out when you are on the subway, have an hour to get ready for a date, or are at work and chipped a nail, you should definitely give Kiki’s Pretty Nail Graffiti a try.


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