Justin Timberlake, Alicia Silverstone, and Benicio Del Toro Face Off in the “Reptile” Trailer

Justin Timberlake, Alicia Silverstone, and Benicio Del Toro Face Off in the “Reptile” Trailer

Justin Timberlake is fighting for his innocence in Netflix’s “Reptile.” In the forthcoming thriller, Timberlake plays a man who finds himself under scrutiny after his girlfriend, a young real-estate agent, is brutally murdered. Benicio Del Toro also stars as a detective trying to crack the case, while Alicia Silverstone plays his wife, who helps him on his hunt to discover the truth. The first trailer, which was released on Aug. 21, shows tensions rising as Del Toro learns unexpected truths as he hunts for the killer.

The movie, which will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September and will hit Netflix in October, is music video director Grant Singer’s feature film debut. Previously, Singer has directed music videos for Lorde, Troye Sivan, Sam Smith, and The Weeknd, among others.

“I didn’t want to make something that felt cold and clinical and sterile,” the director told Entertainment Weekly in August of his vision for “Reptile.” “I wanted to make something that felt alive and warm and relatable and human, and I think that was certainly an intention of mine to sort of counteract the suspense or the unnerving sense of unease with warmth.” He also said he wants audiences to leave the theater buzzing with surprise. “I think the movie will be exciting to people who like to watch something where you don’t know where it’s leading you, where a film is going to have twists and turns and deceive you,” he added. “And people who like things that are intense and visceral and suspenseful, I think they’ll find something exciting in this.”

Ahead, check out everything we know about “Reptile.”

“Reptile” Trailer

“Reptile” Cast

Timberlake plays a suspected killer named Will at the heart of “Reptile,” while Del Toro plays a detective named Tom Nichols. Silverstone plays his wife, Judy. Sky Ferreira, Eric Bogosian, Domenick Lombardozzi, Frances Fisher, Ato Essandoh, Michael Carmen Pitt, and Matilda Lutz round out the cast.

Del Toro and Silverstone previously starred together in 1997’s “Excess Baggage,” and Silverstone was always a top pick for her part in “Reptile.” “We both felt like she would be perfect for the role,” Singer told Entertainment Weekly of his and Del Toro’s decision to cast Silverstone. “And then once we met with her it was very clear that she would bring this character to life in such a unique, interesting, and authentic way,” he said, noting that her relationship with Del Toro was a factor. “Every time she’s on screen, there’s something so electric about her, but also with their dynamic, I think, because they have known each other for so long and have worked together,” he added.

“Reptile” Plot

“Reptile” takes place in the aftermath of a horrific murder, which leaves the victim’s boyfriend (Timberlake) under scrutiny. As the detective assigned to the case (Del Toro) pursues answers, he winds up having to confront certain aspects of his own life.

“Reptile” Release Date

Reptile hits theaters on Sept. 29. It will begin streaming on Netflix on Oct. 6.

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