Katy Perry’s ‘Baby Bangs’ Are Giving Chic Lord Farquaad Vibes

Katy Perry’s ‘Baby Bangs’ Are Giving Chic Lord Farquaad Vibes

Katy Perry is no stranger to a hair transformation… or two. After all, her early days circa 2010 (read: the Teenage Dream era) saw many a colour, including *that* infamous cobalt blue. But in recent years it’s not the tone of her locks we’ve seen chop and change (no pun intended) but instead, the style and length.

A few months back, Katy debuted a choppy fringe hairstyle on her Instagram. And then, just two weeks later the singer cut more from her lengths, getting an extra short micro-fringe. One got scissor happy, perhaps?

While those cuts were evidently wigs or clip-in pieces – hi, hello mystery growth just days later – Katy’s recent ‘do has us doing a double take. I mean, as with chocolate, tattoos and piercings (aka, all the good things in life), haircuts can be addictive – once you start, you can’t help but go back for more. Well, that is in mine and Katy’s case, anyway.

And her recent cut proves just that.

As shown in the above Instagram post shared by the singer’s hairstylist, Jesus Guerrero, Katy is now sporting extra extra short, side-sweeping bangs, complete with a choppy, jagged, rough finish to the ends. This style of fringe is reminiscent of the oh-so-popular 50’s era look, which typically sits an inch or two above the ‘brow.

And as similarities go, we must say that it reminds us of the icon who is Lord Farquaad… any excuse to pay homage to Shrek

While we do doubt that it was intentional, we’re *very* much here for the chic yet divisive interpretation of the character’s fringe.

As mentioned earlier, this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen the star rock a ‘do like this. At the time of her micro-bang debut (cc. American Idol), Katy wore her fringe alongside a sleek bun with a tassel-like end.

It adds a certain je ne sais quoi, no?

But regardless of how it’s styled, like Lily Collins, Florence Pugh and Ashley Graham’s locks, one could say Katy has most certainly thrown her hat hair into the teeny-tiny fringe ring.

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