Lily Collins Is Taking Us Back to the 70s With This Layered Flick Hair

Lily Collins Is Taking Us Back to the 70s With This Layered Flick Hair

When it comes to switching up hair looks, Lily Collins has really delivered in the last couple of months. Firstly, the mullet bangs she debuted back in December and then the slicked micro-fringe. Is there any hair look Lily can’t nail? We don’t think so. The actress seems to be going through the eras when it comes to her hair, and the most recent one? The 70s.

In a recent Instagram post, the Emily in Paris star was seen sporting her iconic bangs with a very 70s-esque flick to her shoulder-length strands. It *screams* That ’70s Show and we couldn’t be more on board.

Lily has been seen with a more cropped ‘do as of late with a blunt finish to her ends, so this seems to be her way of elegantly growing out her recent shaggy wolf haircut. Let’s face it, she was never going to suffer from that awkward regrowth stage us mere mortals suffer from.

Although Lily’s recent chop is growing out a bit, more celebs than ever seem to be getting on board the wolf cut hair train. Sarah Michelle Gellar was recently spotted with the cropped hair, as was Jenna Ortega. Is this a sign we need to try out this retro hairstyle? Probably not, but it does have our intrusive thoughts begging us to snip away at our ends in the bathroom sink…no? Just me?

Although many stars have followed suit, Lily was one of the OG’s to bring this throwback ‘it’ haircut back into our lives. We owe her one.

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