Mari and Kenny Wed in Surprise ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Nuptials

Mari and Kenny Wed in Surprise ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Nuptials

Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch were married long before fans learned the news. On Thursday’s season 9 finale of Bachelor in Paradise, the couple, who met on season 7 of the reality series, surprised the singles by showing up on the beach and announcing they intended to tie the knot later that day.

Bachelor Nation was surprised by the revelation, as, in November, the couple got married in Puerto Rico, and fans assumed that those nuptials marked the pair’s first time exchanging vows.

In reality, though, the duo became husband and wife on the beaches of Mexico over the summer, with host Jesse Palmer officiating, Wells Adams handling the rings and the bouquet-holding duties, and Blake Moynes serving and Kenny’s best man.

“I remember our first moments in Paradise. I remember watching you walk down the stairs… and seeing you for the first time. Right in that moment, something told me that we would end up together,” Kenny told Mari in his vows. “I know it wasn’t that simple because this is Paradise and nothing in Paradise is simple.”

“We have been together almost every day since we left Paradise. The more time we spent together, the more I fell in love with you,” he continued. “I promise to be at your side no matter what for the rest of our lives… I love you now and forever and I know that together we will be the greatest team the world has ever seen.”

Mari was equally romantic in her vows, telling her groom, “When you asked me to marry you right on this beach, it was the surest yes I have ever said. Standing here again today, I still feel just as certain as I did then.”

“I love that we’re patient and understanding with each other. Even though you might look all big and tough on the outside, I really do love how sweet and loving and really gentle you really are on the inside,” she said. “Today and every single day for the rest of my life, I vow to put all of my effort into the health and strength of our marriage. I vow to love you faithfully, always, and through everything; the good days, the bad days, rain or shine, till the end of time.” 

With that, Jesse declared them husband and wife, and the happy couple joined the ranks as one of Bachelor in Paradise‘s success stories.



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