‘Married at First Sight’: Lauren Reveals She Asked Orion for a Divorce

‘Married at First Sight’: Lauren Reveals She Asked Orion for a Divorce

Things are coming to a head between Lauren and Orion. ET has an exclusive clip from Wednesday’s Married at First Sight, where Lauren breaks down in tears over the difficulties in her marriage and vents to a fellow castmate. 

Friction between the newlyweds has been growing since they tied the knot, and it seemingly reaches its boiling point in today’s episode. In ET’s exclusive sneak peek, Lauren shares her frustrations about Orion with Clare, telling her co-star, “I be trying to hold it together in front of y’all. I’m trying so hard because I did feel myself falling for him, and now I’m like, ‘Well, what the f**k?'” 

She continues, “And then today, I’m trying to go downstairs to get my stuff, and I overhear him saying that he felt like I didn’t have his back. It’s just, there are things that happened to me that I’m like, ‘I can give you grace, I know that wasn’t your best self. I know that we are working through this.’ But for this, he’s like, ‘No, you attacked my community, my culture.'”

“And I’m just like, how many more ways can I say I’m sorry? How many more times can I tell you that I’m researching and doing what I need to do to navigate this intercultural relationship that I’ve never done before because I care so much about you? And you’re down here saying that I don’t have your back and I’ve failed the marriage?” 

Clare attempts to reassure Lauren, noting, “He’s seeing all of the wrong things. He’s seeing all of the negative things. It’s just interesting how hard he’s being. Like, I cannot even fathom.”

Audibly choked up, Lauren confesses that the situation has hit a dead end, sharing that she asked Orion for a divorce after an explosive argument. “It’s just so hard. I’m just so frustrated with not being understood. And I don’t think I’m making it any better because I just had this huge blowup with him in which I was yelling, and I asked for a divorce because he told me that he feels like I failed him and I failed the marriage,” she shares. “And I took my ring off today. I’m so mad. I’m just so mad.”

“This is like the most difficult thing probably to ever deal with,” Clare laments, to which Lauren tearfully agrees.

“Honestly, other than losing my mom, I think this is the most difficult — physically and emotionally — thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Lauren shares.

Married at First Sight airs on Lifetime on Wednesdays at 10/9c.


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