Reba McEntire’s Co-Star Melissa Peterman Reacts to Her ‘Voice’ Gig

Reba McEntire’s Co-Star Melissa Peterman Reacts to Her ‘Voice’ Gig

Melissa Peterman is ready to watch Reba McEntire on The Voice. ET’s Denny Directo recently spoke to the former Reba actress, and she gushed about her one-time co-star becoming a coach on the hit NBC competition series.

“I am so excited,” Peterman told ET. “I think when they get to the live versions, I am definitely going to be in the audience. I can’t wait to go watch. I love The Voice.”

As for why her pal was the right pick to replace Blake Shelton on the show, Peterman noted, “She’s been around and done it all.”

“To be a woman that is continually evolving, and staying relevant, and selling out an arena tour, [earning] another GRAMMY nomination in 2018, I think she’s gonna bring so much knowledge and [a big] skill set,” she said. “She cares so much about artists. I’m excited. I’m excited for the people that chose her to be on her team. I think it’s going to be something really special.”

“It doesn’t matter if you’re into country music or not,” Peterman added. “She knows the business inside and out and she knows what makes a star.”

Peterman revealed that, when McEntire isn’t busy working, the country star likes to get together for game nights.

“Reba and I play games all the time. She’s very competitive,” Peterman said. “… She actually said I was right on a rule change once and I was like, ‘What, say that again? I didn’t hear you.’ I made sure I got it on my phone, because I never hear, ‘You were right. Melissa, that was right.'”

Those games with McEntire likely helped Peterman prepare for her new role as host of Person, Place or Thing, a new game show.

“I like to call it 20 Questions for the 21st century,” Peterman explained. “… We have categories, a person a place or a thing, they can ask yes or no questions like 20 Questions… We do a speed round where I just give clues about it, and then we have a final round where they have to get a person place or thing in 60 seconds… It’s just really fun.”

Peterman admitted that answering those yes or no questions can “get really tricky” because “sometimes people ask the craziest things.”

“The good news is I have an incredible staff that helps research all the yes or no questions,” she said. “I get to look really smart while I have someone in my ear.”

Overall, the new gig has been one that Peterman has enjoyed.

“I love acting. I love doing comedy. I love all of those things, but there’s something about hosting that just brings me so much joy. I’ve been a game show fanatic. I love playing them. I just truly love it,” she said. “… I love giving away other people’s money. As somebody who’s very competitive in games, it’s nice to take a step back and go, ‘My job is to just make it as feasible and as smooth for you to win.'”

Person, Place or Thing premieres Sept. 11 on Fox stations. 



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