See Denzel Washington & Tom Brady Reenact ‘Remember the Titans’ Scene

See Denzel Washington & Tom Brady Reenact ‘Remember the Titans’ Scene

Tom Brady is getting a masterclass in acting from one of the greatest — Denzel Washington! During the Academy Award winner’s appearance on the latest episode of the Let’s Go podcast with Brady and journalist Jim Gray, the latter convinced Washington to reenact one of his most famous scenes from 2000’s Remember the Titans.

The film starred Washington as he portrayed real-life coach Herman Boone as he attempted to integrate the T. C. Williams High School football team in Alexandria, Virginia, in 1971. Over 20 years after its premiere, the film is still regarded as one of the best football films.

On Tuesday’s episode, Brady and Washington performed a line reading of the scene where Coach Boone introduces himself to his new team.

“I’ve got to get my game face on,” the seven-time Super Bowl champion told Washington, to which the actor responded, “Get your game face on, let’s go, Tom.”

In an homage to the scene where the character Petey Jones (Donald Faison) gets tripped up as Coach Boone makes him answer rapid-fire questions about whether he actually believes football is fun, Washington does the same to Brady, encouraging him to improvise as they read lines. 

“It was fun,” Washington (as Boone) repeated. “Not fun now, though, was it? Not anymore?”

“Not right now,” Brady answered. “Not right now what?” Washington asked, to which Brady paused. “Come on, you’ve got to improvise. Not right now what?”

“Not right now,” Brady repeated.

The two concluded the scene with Brady applauding Washington, saying, “That’s for your performance, not mine. That was f**king good.”

“I’m coaching Tom Brady,” Washington quipped. “Are you joking?”

Washington appeared on the podcast to discuss his career and the keys to his success over the years. The actor recently reprised his role as the justice-driven Robert McCall for The Equalizer 3, the final entry in the film adaptation of the ’80s television series of the same name. 

The Equalizer film franchise stars Washington as a retired U.S. Marine and former DIA officer, whose desire to dole out justice in his own way and help those being oppressed often pulls him back into dangerous missions. The first movie premiered in theaters in 2014 and the second in 2018. 

Ahead of the film’s September premiere, Washington told ET “it’s unfinished business,” when asked what inspired his return to the film series.

He added, “You know, the doormen in my building in New York, they love this guy. I talk to them about other films [and] they’re like, ‘Oh yeah, Fences, yeah, good movie. But when is the next [Equalizer?]’ I’m like, ‘Why do you love him?’ He says, ‘Cause he can get the people we can’t get, you know? He’s the equalizer. He goes and gets revenge on those who need a more then a good talking to.’ So, I’m just the guy for the job.”

As fun as the actor has had reuniting with director Antoine Fuqua — for the fifth time — and Dakota Fanning, 19 years after they starred together in 2004’s Man on Fire, he’s adamant that Equalizer 3 is his final time stepping into the proverbial ring as Robert McCall. 

“This is the end for me. It may not be the end, they may do another one, but it’s the end for me,” he told ET, joking that even a “massive check” wouldn’t sway him. “Never say never, but you know…”

As for Brady, the athlete has also done some acting in the past, although they’ve mostly been cameos as himself. Most recently, he appeared in 80 For Brady, a film inspired by a true story about four best friends — played by Jane FondaLily TomlinRita Moreno and Sally Field  — who embark on a wild trip to see their hero play in the 2017 Super Bowl. The movie marked Brady’s first feature film role.

As for seeing his name on a movie marquee, the former pro athlete told ET that it’s something he never imagined in his “wildest dreams.”

“Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that this would be something that I would be doing. I actually had a friend remind me of today, he said, ‘Imagine as a NorCal kid thinking you’d go down for a Hollywood premiere with your name on it,'” Brady shared. “It’s really amazing. I’ve had a lot of great experiences in my life, this is certainly another one.”

When asked about future roles, Brady teased, “We’ll see. Make some offers, let’s see what we can do.”

“I’m trying to figure it out. Just taking it day by day,” he added. “My friend says, ‘The future happens a day at a time,’ so, that’s what life’s all about. I’m enjoying tonight. This is really a magical night for me, and a lot of the people who put a lot of work into this, so I love being here supporting them.” 

“Maybe there’s an 80 For Brady sequel coming out,” he quipped.

Fans can see Brady’s non-cameo acting skills below.


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