Tell Me Más: How Argentinian Triple Threat Tini Is Paving Her Own Path to Pop Super Stardom

Tell Me Más: How Argentinian Triple Threat Tini Is Paving Her Own Path to Pop Super Stardom

In our Q&A feature series Tell Me Más, we ask some of our favorite Latinx artists to answer the questions only their BFFs know about them, revealing everything from their most recent read to the songs that get them hyped. This month, we sit down with Argentinian triple threat and global sensation Tini.

For many celebrities who start their careers as child stars, there comes a time when they have to shed the juvenile skin that has come to define their artistry in order to enter the next stage of their career and earn respect from more mature audiences. But for multitalented Argentinian sensation Tini, real name Martina Stoessel, when the time came to move on from her Disney persona of Violetta, rather than pull the rip cord and jettison her wholesome image for an altogether edgier one, she chose to reconcile who she had been for millions of fans with who she was becoming. What’s followed has been a journey of self-discovery over the course of four albums, as the singer organically evolves her sound and grows her audience.

“From a very early age, my passions for acting and singing have been my driving forces. However, I never thought that when I entered my Disney era as Violetta I would be seen as an international idol to young girls. I’m thankful for it,” the singer says.

While her transition from Violetta to Tini happened in the most organic way, the work that she’s put into her craft shouldn’t be taken for granted.

“I’ve been focused on my career as a singer since my first single, ‘Siempre Brillarás,’ came out in 2016. The transition from acting to singing has been full of discipline and focus,” she says. “Being a singer-songwriter requires time, and I balance it so I can sit down and meditate to write and make music, also to work on vocals, record songs, practice dances, visuals for shows, and much more.”

This dedication has allowed Tini to not only evolve her sound with each subsequent album but carve out a place for herself in the ever-expanding Latin genre. And as the genre has only grown in popularity over the past few years, it’s helped propel her to new heights.

“I find the evolution of the Latin urban genre, and Latin music in general, to be a very positive thing,” Tini shares. “It has let me explore new sounds, fusions, and collaborations, allowing me to continue growing and evolving in the music industry and reach a global audience.”

Part of this success has to do with the ease with which she seems to incorporate different genres into her own sound. On the reggaeton front, she’s collaborated with heavyweights like Karol G, Becky G, Anita, and more. She’s worked with EDM heavyweight Alesso, showcasing her bilingual talents in the process. And she’s even at home singing in more traditional styles like bolero and pop ballads.

This penchant for experimentation is on full display throughout her fourth studio album “Cúpido.”

“Every album represents a new era, a new stage in life. “CUPIDO” is a very special one, as it brings many of my life stories and emotions into music. It is an album full of lessons, motivation, reassurance, empowerment, meaning, maturity, and evolution,” Tini says.

And while the album continues the evolution of the singer’s musical trajectory, providing fans with everything from club bangers to love ballads, it also represents an evolution of who she is as an entertainer and the opportunities that come along with that. She’s been able to collaborate with artists that, just a year or two ago, didn’t seem possible. She’s also wrapping up her tour in Spain while prepping for her first U.S. tour, a prospect she says has her excited to bring her brand of urban Latin pop to the U.S. and connect with her fans.

As for what these fans can expect, on stage is where Tini’s pedigree really shows. Maybe it’s because she’s been singing and dancing for most of her life. Maybe it’s because when she’s on stage, she’s not just sharing her music but sharing culture. Either way, the Argentinian songstress is a ball of energy on the stage, moving through complex choreography with precision while still connecting with her fans.

“The U.S. fans can expect my great desire to be with them and deliver powerful performances for them. It’s going to be very special. There’s a lot of desire to sing, to connect, to bring joy, and emotion. I’m looking forward to it all,” she says.

And at this point in her career, the stages are only getting bigger. Tini recently performed at the legendary Viña del Mar music festival in Chile. It’s the oldest music festival in Latin America. Playing at Viña del Mar is considered an honor. But what’s more was that Tini was tapped to play at the festival, to fill in for Latin rock legends Mana at the last minute, something the singer admits made her nervous despite her years of experience as a performer.

“It was a roller coaster of emotions when I was told and then when I was on stage in front of thousands,” she says. “But it was an amazing experience in which I felt all the fans’ love and appreciation.”

The moment was solidified when she took home both the Gaviotas de Oro y de Plata, top prizes awarded by the public to festival participants they feel most deserving. Now, as she prepares for the next leg of her world tour with stops in L.A., Miami, and New York, she finds herself in a new chapter of her career, primed to bring her brand, music, and message of empowerment to a world ready to receive it.

“I want my music to push the genre forward by making it a reflection of freedom for women in all aspects,” she says.

The thread of female empowerment is something incredibly important to the artist. As someone who has achieved an incredible amount of success from a young age, Tini wants to be an example for the next generation of young women to chase their dreams. She knows that it’s all possible through hard work and effort. And that even after you’ve achieved everything you’ve imagined, there are still ways to challenge yourself, evolve, and turn the page on the next chapter of your life and career.

“The next stage in my career will be unpredictable,” she says. “It will come from experiences, music, trends, etc. It is definitely something I can’t define yet. But I’ll continue to challenge myself every day by taking risks, living new experiences, and working hard to accomplish my dreams.”

Read on to find out which album Tini has on repeat, how she defines her personal style, and who her biggest influence is

POPSUGAR: How has music healed you?

Tini: Growth and inspiration.

POPSUGAR: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Tini: My greatest inspiration is and always will be Beyonce.

POPSUGAR: What’s the last movie or series you’ve watched recently?

Tini: Titanic

POPSUGAR: Whose Album Are You Obsessing Over Right Now?

Tini: Cupido!!!

POPSUGAR: How would you describe your personal style?

Tini: Unique.

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