The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family in 2023

The Best Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family in 2023

Knocking a Halloween costume out of the park takes planning, especially if the whole family is involved. 

Finding a family Halloween costume that’s a hit is easier said than done. Those with younger kids might want something inspired by a popular family-friendly 2023 movie, like The Super Mario Bros. Movie or Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. Another option for family costumes is finding cute ‘fits based on beloved Disney and Pixar films, like Encanto or The Incredibles. Of course, we can’t forget ideas inspired by the ever-popular Star Wars films and Marvel movies, which have been major franchises for generations. 

Since some of the hottest Halloween costumes for 2023 will sell out fast, you’ll want to start shopping sooner rather than later. To help bring the whole clan together for the perfect Instagram photo op, we’ve found the best group costumes for 2023. Below, shop our top picks for family Halloween costumes.

Family Halloween Costumes: Encanto


Encanto, the Disney movie about a magical family, is a charming idea for your family costume. From Mirabel to Bruno to Luisa, there’s an option for everyone.

Family Halloween Costumes: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always been a solid costume option, but they’re especially popular right now thanks to the recent release of Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. Munch on pizza before trick-or-treating to really get into the spirit. 

Family Halloween Costumes: Star Wars


If the Force is with the whole family, every member can pick out their favorite character to dress up as for Halloween. Add lightsabers for impromptu fights on the neighborhood block — just don’t go to the dark side. 

Family Halloween Costumes: Beetlejuice

Spirit Halloween

Get inspired by the classic horror-comedy Beetlejuice. This costume collection includes the Beetlejuice wedding suit and a Lydia Deetz costume for adults, plus two black-and-white striped costumes for youngsters inspired by Beetlejuice’s signature outfit.

Family Costumes: Toy Story


A Toy Story costume will be in style to infinity and beyond. Dress up as Jessie, Woody, Buzz or even the giant green dinosaur, Rex. 

Family Halloween Costumes: Super Mario Bros.


Whether your family are lifelong Mario lovers or just became fans with the release of The Super Mario Bros. Movie this year, it’s an excellent option for Halloween. Disguise Costumes on Amazon has pretty much every Mario costume imaginable for kids and adults from Donkey Kong to Wario to Bowser to Princess Peach and Rosalina, everyone can dress up as their favorite Nintendo character.

Family Halloween Costumes: The Incredibles


Your family is super, so dress up as the famous superhero family! There’s Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. If your family is bigger, create new characters with unique powers. 

Family Halloween Costumes: Barbie

picture alliance/Getty

Barbie is the movie of 2023 (and soon you can watch it at home). While individual costumes or couples’ costumes inspired by Barbie are popping up across the web, family Barbie Halloween costumes are a bit trickier to find, but we’ve got it in the bag, err, box! Wear the signature Barbie box while donning an outfit from the film or something from your own closet. Hi, Barbie!


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