The Different Levels Of Being Prepared – Which Level Are You On?


Prepping yourself for times of uncertainty is a state of mind. We all can fall prey to uncertainty at any given time and it can test you to the core.  You can either be a person who faces a problem and calls for help, or you can be one who foresees the problem and prepares himself to cope with it alone. There is no between in this situation. In case you are a prepper, you must know that there are different levels when it comes to prepping. And mind you prepping is always good and it saves you from so many situations that can easily turn grave. So in this article, we will share with you the different levels of being prepared, so that you know which level you are on.

Level 1 – Little Bumps That Life Throws

This level involves all the little essential steps we take in case an emergency arrives, such as buying candles or having a first aid kit, or having a plow ready to shovel a clear path in case a snowfall falls in this level. This is the basic level where you don’t think about being stuck in life and death situations.

Level 2 – A Major Incident

If you have passed the first level it will be easy for you to deal with the next challenges of life. Common incidents such as a car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, or a major wound fall in this category. You will need to have the necessary prepper tools and first aid kits to get past this level. This is one of those levels in which we all can get caught up. So if you have prepared for it in advance that’s a smart move.

Level 3 – For a Bad Week

In level 3, you will be required to have your own stockpile of fuel, food, and all other essentials, so that you can cope with a week of no power. Things like bad winter weather can cut off your resources for extended periods of time, but when the snow stops falling and you have enough resources to take your car on the road again, you will be safe. This is one of those levels which tests you to your bearable limits.

Level 4 – Major Collapse

It can be a bad blizzard, an earthquake, flood, or financial crisis. In case that your house needs serious rebuilding, which may take months or years. You will need to have the cash, skills, and supplies to grow your food and an independent source of energy and water.

Level 5 – It Is For The End Of The World

It can be a global war, an EMP attack, or an impact or event with an extinction level. Although an attack has not yet come to your house, help will not be coming any time soon. The ultimate challenge, at this level you not only need to be ready for a disaster but also to rebuild a new life.

We hope that this article was of help!