The “Gossip” at the Royal Ascot Was About How “Furious” Queen Camilla Is at the Sussexes

The “Gossip” at the Royal Ascot Was About How “Furious” Queen Camilla Is at the Sussexes

So, King Charles and Queen Camilla showed up at the Royal Ascot yesterday, an event known best for its huge hats and even huger drama. And according to Page Six, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were THE topic of conversation throughout the day, mostly due to Queen Camilla being “furious” at them.

Per a source who spoke to Page Six, “The gossip in the royal enclosure was how happy everyone was that Meghan and Harry weren’t here.” Which is extremely 🙄 if true and everyone clearly needs to find something new to chat about.

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Another source who was at the event noted that “Camilla’s friends say she remains furious at Harry and Meghan,” especially amid Harry referring to her as a “wicked stepmother” in Spare. Oh, and apparently “Camilla tells Charles they make her uncomfortable, and Charles loves her unconditionally—he made her queen and will choose her well-being over them every time.” That said, “Camilla knows not to go too far, as Charles still loves Harry.”

Anyway, aside from everyone being unable to talk about anything other than the Sussexes (in case anyone needs a new topic, which…they clearly do, this season of Vanderpump Rules is always fun to gossip about while standing around in a comically large hat), the source notes that “it was a great day at the races. The ladies’ hats were fantastic.”

Welp. At least the hats were fantastic!

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