‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals A-List Pop Star Reveal in Special Episode

‘The Masked Singer’ Reveals A-List Pop Star Reveal in Special Episode

An easy-to-recognize voice! Fans of The Masked Singer were treated to an A-list performance on Sunday as the Fox competition show shared a special kickoff episode ahead of the season 10 premiere later this month. 

The character “Anonymouse” took to the stage belting out Heart’s hit “What About Love.”

The performer teased that she’s been on the Time 100 list as a clue to the judges. Anonymouse also gave the clues Nick Jonas, Texas, a tiara and a dinosaur. 

The mystery performer also shared some of her internal struggles, saying, “When my future was looking bright from the outside, I struggled with feeling funny inside. The more I pushed them down, the more I felt like I was slipping way. I was trapped on a path of wrong decisions and eventually, I hit rock bottom. But that was the wakeup call I needed to finally realize I have so much more life to live.”

Judges Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Jenny McCarthy all correctly guessed that Anonymouse was, in fact, singer Demi Lovato, while judge Ken Jeong predicted it was Lady Gaga.


When host Nick Cannon helped Anonymouse take off her mask to reveal Lovato, the crowd cheered. 

The smiling “Confident” singer shared, “I wanted to do your show because it seemed so fun. And it has been so fun! And I get to sing, so it’s the best of both worlds.” 

Lovato is not competing on season 10, but rather simply appearing in this special one-off episode. 

The Disney Channel alum is not new to the world of music competitions as she previously served as a judge on two seasons of The X-Factor. The two-time GRAMMY nominee is next set to perform at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards on Tuesday.  

The special kickoff episode aired Sunday in the lead up to the Sept. 27 season 10 premiere of The Masked Singer. 

The Masked Singer season 10 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 27 on Fox and will stream on Hulu. 


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