These Are The Best Business Casual Jeans for Men | Office Style for Guys

These Are The Best Business Casual Jeans for Men | Office Style for Guys

At some point, we’ll be heading back into the office. Hopefully not now, but maybe a couple days a week in the not-so-distant future.

At that time, your work wardrobe may be woefully out of date. There’s a chance your clothes won’t fit as well as they used to. Or, you might just look at everything you wore in the Before Times and experience an ennui so strong it makes you want to throw up (just me?).

If any of the above turn out to be true, it will be time to go shopping for new office clothes.

To add to your list? The best business casual jeans for men: the Bonobos Extra Stretch Travel jeans.

The brand’s best-selling denim with—you guessed it—plenty of stretch comes in colors that range beyond the standard blue, black, and sometimes grey. Think: tan, navy, olive, and green.

These are the best business casual jeans for men:

What to know about the jeans: The garment-dyed, extra stretchy cotton casual pants come with classic jean details.

Expect a good amount of stretch in thighs and glutes.

Pricing: $99

Sizes offered: 28-38 waist, 28-34 length

Fits: Tailored, slim, athletic 

Best for: Work outfits, Breaking out of your blue denim rut

The reviews are in

Gear Moose says: “The one percent stretch and use of Cone Mills denim are handy bonuses, too. Wear these with a white henley or a simple blue chambray shirt all the time this season.”

Men’s Health says: “Just as you’d expect from Bonobos, the brand offers one of the most comfortable jeans on the market, available in every wash you could imagine, fits that range from tailored to straight, and they even come in the full range of sizes for every man to find his perfect match.”

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