These Small Sectional Sofas Are a *Must* for Your Cramped Lil Apartment

These Small Sectional Sofas Are a *Must* for Your Cramped Lil Apartment

Not sure what to look for when shopping for a small-space sectional? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Plan ahead

Of course, you should always measure your space before purchasing a large piece of furniture that’ll anchor the entire room. And this is especially important when looking for an L-shaped sectional. When you find one that you like, have a look at the dimensions and consider marking them down on the floor with some tape. This will help you better visualize how that sofa will work in that area.

Choose the right fabric

Want a neutral-toned couch that’ll last forever and work with various color palettes? Or maybe you’re looking for a jewel-toned pop of color to anchor your living room? Whether you want something luxurious, extra-durable, or even washable, we’ve got options for ya, so just think about your decor (and any fur babies/actual babies that may wreak havoc on your new piece). Also, remember that natural fabrics feel softer, but they aren’t nearly as easy to clean and maintain as synthetic fabrics.

Balance your space

Consider the furniture you already own, as a small coffee table might look out of place next to the large, L-shaped piece of furniture. Think about proportions, make sure your coffee table fits within the boundary of the sectional edges, and use the ottoman to showcase a pretty throw.

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